City Looks to Consultants to Facilitate Public Input

Staff Report
BRADENTON — At Wednesday's meeting, the Bradenton City Council will be presented with a plan to hire a consultant to facilitate broader public input from residents, businesses, and other stakeholders.

From the agenda item:

The City of Bradenton is seeking to retain a highly qualified consultant experienced in public participation methods and facilitation with diverse stakeholders. The visioning process shall include surveying the opinions of City residents, business owners, and non-profits in order to develop a vision that will guide the Mayor and City Council in making decisions that are in keeping with the desires and needs of their constituents.

The vision statement is expected to address a broad range of issues, citywide down to neighborhood level, including governance, public safety, traffic, code enforcement, planning and development, public recreational opportunities, utilities, beautification, business attraction and retention, and any other issues that may come to light in the process. 

Click here to read the scope of work for the project.

Reader Comments
MAY 27, 2023  •  More waste of taxpayer money....1 am always suspect of "consultants" and who's behind them and who they are hooked up with. All of us know what needs to be done Downtown as regards to upkeep, security etc. Just do that not what the City Council, City Manager and staff are for.
Bill Sanders
MAY 24, 2023  •  City of Bradenton must submit to the state by Sept. 2023 to stay in compliance with the 13 year old comprehensive plan. I begged to have this publicly review the 4 years I was there because we seem to be going in all directions with planned development or non planned development. No direction on numerous items that need public input. So now they will do something to amend the comp plan before Sept. This is not good enough. This process normally takes 6 to 12 months and sometimes is called a strategic plans. In 2010 the plan cost $128,000 . It would be much more today. But Mitch You missed the biggest story..... Today the council voted on the consent agenda,,,,,, to move 6 million dollars from the CRA to the city accounts without any restrictions or separate trackable accounting. Therefore, the CRA in my opinion is basically dissolved. The executive director was forced to leave. And the oversight is now gone. Before I ran for council this was done with the city administrator taking two jobs as economic development also. However, we never had economic development funding from the city. The funding comes from TIF tax money and is primarily used to eliminate slum and blight and affordable housing. Now we have hired 5 guys as called an "action Team" to make downtown pretty. Clearly a city function and not permitted as a CRA allowable expense. More to come.... I told you to watch this.....
Barbara Elliott
MAY 21, 2023  •  Too bad you fid
MAY 21, 2023  •  Best way for politicians to waste money, hire “consultants” to do their job.