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Florida Republicans are weaponizing the State to dismantle the basic principles of democracy. They seek to control education, they are banning books. They are dehumanizing gay and trans kids. Making it harder to vote, requiring voters to request mail ballots every election - even arresting people for voting. Our two party system, especially in Florida, is no longer a choice between conservative R's and liberal D's. It's a choice between Fascism and Democracy. You are spot on, again, Mr. Maley. It is indeed, extremely scary and should be alarming to all of us that cherish the First Amendment, including the shrinking number of reasonable conservatives.

David Daniels

Unfortunately, DeSantis is using the Nazi playbook. First Florida, next the US. We need to stop him and the other MAGA extremists or we won’t recognize our country in a few years. Fair Warning.

Sharon Maul

DOJ can't do anything about corruption in Manatee County unless citizens report it. Stop hollering to bring in the DOJ. Instead, call 202-514-2000 to reach them in D.C. They take phone complaints. Bring attention to the problem. If I can, you can, we all can, we all have to.

Barbara Elliott

What a dumb idea. So, do you want your kids heading to school in the dark in December along with the rush hour traffic? We use AM (antemeridian) and PM (postmeridian) at noon. That is the time when the Sun crosses the meridian (an imaginary line running North to South). With daylight savings, that happens at 1 PM. So, do we switch from AM to PM at 1 PM? Why not just adjust the hours of work and school? You can't add daylight to any day. It's an idea that appeals to the uneducated.

John R. Peterson

I am all for permanently accepting Daylight Savings Time. I have a sleep disorder and it takes me weeks to adjust after changing the clocks twice a year. I say Stop the Madness of fiddling with clock changes and walking around with fuzzy brains for weeks to adjust.

Diane Cook

I have always found it difficult to determine exactly what Rubio does with his time. I do know that every year he brings this issue up and every year it goes nowhere. I also know that he was unable to be heard from during Hurricane Ian. I do know that he sponsored legislation to stop the recently passed legislation that allows Medicare to adjust the pricing of pharmaceuticals. So my question is, " who votes for this guy?” and what has he done for us lately?

James F Tierney

When foul, disturbing books are found in school/classroom libraries they should be eliminated. Parents don’t want their schoolchildren having access to this indecent material. The parents have asked the Governor for help. What is the problem? Shame on the rest of you for going along with the filth. DeSantis has guts and God bless him!

Melissa Quiming

First off, there are a group of citizens of the State of Florida that agree with the Governor. It is a shame that the majority isn't viewed as the majority. Secondly, the issue of New College. It seems to be forgotten that New College was a liberal arts funded college and when it was so funded it could and did function any way the Board of New College wanted it to. Then in the 1970s, the liberally funded college wanted State Money and they sold their abilities to be what they were. It was understood then, what happened?? My viewpoint is that the liberals ie WOKE are screaming entitlements when they don't even know the origin of the discussion, "A government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have" Thomas Jefferson

Keith Ludwig

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