Letter: Island Plan Has Hidden Agenda

Letters to the Editor
We were all surprised at the recent suggestion by Representative Will Robinson to introduce legislation to allow the county to approve its own building permits, overriding city restrictions, for the construction of a multilevel parking structure at the public beach. Robinson had unanimous support from both state senators and representatives. If introduced and passed, such a measure would essentially erase home rule. What is going on here?

What is going on here is that our county and state elected officials want to turn Anna Maria Island into a high-rise island community, similar to Longboat Key, Daytona Beach, and Miami. Don’t be fooled. Once the height restriction is removed, by state fiat, we will then become a high-rise island. 

So, it’s not only about a parking garage and beach demand parking. Its about beach access for all the folks moving to the area. Those that live off island can park in the new multilevel garage. But, a better way to provide beach access to many is to increase the housing density on the island. The best way to do that with limited available land is to go vertical with high-rise construction. That is the goal.

Apparently, county, and now state officials seem to think they know best how to manage our island. I think not. Now is the time to contact our elected officials and express your opinion. If you want a high-rise community then give Robinson, et al, your support. If you want to maintain our height restriction and keep our island the jewel of the gulf, then please let your county and state elected officials know your disagreement with their plan. 

Dan Diggins
Commissioner, City of Holmes Beach

Reader Comments
Tony montana
JAN 19, 2023  •  The gestapo watchers in Anna Maria deserves that and more. The state need to override this crooks. I watch a Karen give lip to a disable veteran that had his dog with him that helps him with wheel chair. She call him a cower evil man. A fricking veteran. No respect to the people that risk their life and health to keep us safe. 💩
JAN 19, 2023  •  A reminder that Will Robinson ran unopposed last year. So no primary, no general election competitor.
JAN 18, 2023  •  And just another reason to increase property taxes on the Island. Residents who have lived on this island since the 50"s & 60's have almost been taxed out. This is just another nail in the coffin.
JAN 18, 2023  •  Bill, the voters are the ones who need to wise up. Your so-called represtative is advancing the objective of those he truly represents. Quit electing people who are financed by them to do their bidding. The plan to eliminate 'home rule' is in full play throughout the state. Start taking contole back! Start with getting the Florida Right To Clean Water amendment to the state constitution on the ballot so the voters may seek enforcement of our direction to our legislators who have turned deaf ears to us. Get the petition to sign and help get others to sign — this is going to be up to us — failing to get this before the voters will be our shame for generations as they ask how we could have allowed our waters to turn toxic.
JAN 18, 2023  •  Will had a promising political future, this BS will end his political career forever. Wise up Will !
JAN 18, 2023  •  The pieces of 💩 county commissioners have already been given their marching orders along with the sceneries and representatives. The builders own florida, DeathSantis, liar Braugh, kiss ass Hopes and the rest of the sleazy crooks in Manatee. You voted these crooks in… now SUFFER!!
Jeffrey Greiner
JAN 18, 2023  •  You are 100% correct. The Real Estate development business has taken hold of our commissions, one that is supposed to represent us is a life long realator from BOYD REALITY. We are being sold out by Real Estate PIMPS...and unless we fight back, you know what that makes us here on the island.... We will find out soon whether Ed Chiles is with us, or against us! You can't sit this one out!