Letter: Our Disgraceful County Commission

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What a laughingstock and disgrace the Manatee County Commission has become. Welcome to a place where adultery, (alleged) DUI, Vaccine-Gate, and ethics violations are wholeheartedly embraced. Add the overall nastiness and disdain that members show toward each other, and it’s no wonder most citizens have no confidence this board will act in the best interests of the citizenry (AKA do their jobs).

Make no mistake, the majority of the commissioners' sole objective is NOT to make Manatee County a better place to live, but to pander to a base of slack-jawed yokels who believe Trump is still President, JFK Jr. is alive and well, Jan. 6 was nothing more than a peaceful visit by tourists and Jewish space lasers are causing the California wildfires. And while we’re at it, let’s name a park after the Governor, ban non-existent abortion clinics, declare "victory” for life and propose that county employees conceal carry firearms under the guise of second amendment rights (notice a theme?). What does any of this have to do with running the county? Answer: NOTHING.

For this board’s majority, every meeting is just a show. A planned, orchestrated show to "Own the Libs” and shove their political and religious ideologies down our throats. I thought conservatives loved to preach about personal freedoms - "don't tell us to mask-up or get a vaccine, that's a personal choice." Hypocrites. All this at taxpayer expense. Note to board members: All residents pay taxes, not just those in your tight-knit base. Not very fiscally conservative, if you ask me.

There are people currently running for office who want to join this "do-nothing” board. And like their mentors, these candidates have ZERO interest in tackling crises facing the county (i.e. affordable housing) and happily boast about that fact (it’s RINO hunting season).

With primary and general elections quickly approaching, I encourage all residents – regardless of your political affiliation – to think long and hard about who you want to tackle the tough issues and work to make Manatee County better, not worse.

Michael Polin
Bradenton, FL

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Reader Comments
Michael Polin
AUG 15, 2022  •  Mr. DeFrank: Your wait is over. Tell me what is NOT factual about what I wrote and maybe we can have civil discussion. Waiting, waiting ... Has a county commissioner not cheated on his wife and been charged with (suspicion) of DUI? Is there not a commissioner who has an ethics hearing upcoming? Did a commissioner not try to ban abortion clinics where none exist? Where did I directly attack God? I'm a big fan, actually. Does it say in the Bible thou shalt cheat on thy wife? Facts are not rhetoric. What the commissioners try to pull on the citizens of this county at taxpayer expense is deeply concerning. Is their job to take care of a few of the citizens in Manatee County, like you, or work for the betterment of the entire county? Best wishes.
Richard DeFrank Sr.
AUG 14, 2022  •  Why the attack on God, Conservatives, Trump supporters, Gun toting people and so on? This is just Rhetoric with no and name calling. How about some facts. Waiting Waiting Waiting. Typical vile attacks are not helpful. Read the above comments and you will see where the problem is.
Nikki Velazquez
AUG 02, 2022  •  I completely agree. The not-so-fab four are a disgrace.
AUG 01, 2022  •  Thank you for speaking for us, Michael! This BOCC certainly does not.
AUG 01, 2022  •  Thank you for speaking for us, Michael! This BOCC certainly does not.
Carol Ann Felts
JUL 31, 2022  •  We have been disparaged, chastised and dismissed if we even suggest that our current BOCC is anything but perfection, when it is blatantly obvious we have some serious issues in local government. It is sad that religion, military service and even our children are being used as topics of deflection, and judgement as to who “qualifies” as a Christian, an American, of this Party or that, or is a “viable candidate” or even a decent human being decided by small groups of self important self described politicos that barely or rarely have actually had a presence or point in this county’s local issues or are familiar with them. It is shameful that we all contribute to this by not speaking up and being educated, informed and involved voters, and realizing that for every sign and slick video or ad you see, someone’s money is behind it, and usually not for a good reason. Our grassroots candidates struggle to exercise their rights and responsibilities as Americans is continually thwarted by the money machine our local elections have become. It’s a simple fix, if you can get 275,000 voters to listen and do the right thing. Go to the Supervisor of Elections website, look at the financial statements, and for the most part, voting for the candidate with the least amount of money and the least amount of “name recognition” by signs, slick videos, and endorsements from the same circus of self aggrandizing associations or special interests is probably your best bet, for your vote and tax dollars. Otherwise, don’t complain if the next two years are rinse and repeat of the last two most tumultuous ones in Manatee County’s political history, and not because of the Covid but because of the cabal of the board that should be representing the citizens that voted them in, not acting like a monarchy of self righteousness at the dais.
Rosana DiMarzio
JUL 31, 2022  •  Make no mistake, the same thing is happening with the Manatee County School Board. There are candidates running who are trying to create problems where none exist. They are pandering to the same minority base of people who believe that we should erase our history, LGBTQ people aren't people, and Trump is their God and savior. Beware of any candidates who have to use the words "Christian" and "patriot" to tell you who they are. They have warped definitions of these words and instead want to impose their close minded ideologies on all of Manatee County. Handmaid's Tale is their goal. Do your homework when voting. Google the candidates. Go to their Facebook page. Don't just blindly vote.
Ruth Lawler
JUL 31, 2022  •  Definition of liberal: "relating to or denoting a political and social philosophy that promotes individual rights, civil liberties, democracy, and free enterprise." Yet the majority of our County Commissioners disparage those who are liberal, and anyone they accuse of being liberal. There are many more Democrats, Independents and non-registered citizens collectively in Manatee County than registered Republicans. Many on this County Commission are pandering to a minority base. I'm sick and tired of it. The obligation of these elected officials are to represent ALL citizens! They clearly are not doing so with how they are governing.