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You can’t make this stuff up. Hours and hours of scientific evidence that was completely ignored. When they don’t even invite in house employee Charlie Hunsicker who has a wealth of information on wetlands that was your first clue. Hire a “consultant” who is not even a expert in environmental or wetland mitigation. These voters will not forget this travesty next election cycle. I have nicknamed them “The Six Pack of Destruction” TSPD. During their campaign they were singing a different song on the protection of water, well we should inform them that the wetlands is part of our water system. TSPD can’t run from their voting record. These one term wonders will be voted out of office and all the slick 4 color postcards paid by developers won’t mean a thing to our Citizens and VOTERS.

But the downside of being con artist is that it very hard to con. Even if the lies you tell are to yourself.

Ally Carter

From: A Sad Day for Manatee County

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