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WELL WELL WELL....KUDOS to Manatee County for electing the worst BOCC. .THIS IS WHAT THE MAJORITY VOTED FOR. .a BOCC that has Done absolutely nothing for their constituents but do whatever they are told to by their handlers...If you've ever been to a BOCC meeting and they don't like what you say in your measly 3 minutes the little napoleon chair will have you escorted out..Love you Carol Felts...And Mandy appears bored on the dais...Probably exhausted Taking care of her children and a husband who gets away with 2 DUI's..But for 90,000.plus other perks she could at least appear interested. AS for the meeting yesterday TOTAL RUSE....you have Commissioners who had a 7 vote for the one candidate...should have been a no BRAINER, yet call a 10 minute recess Probably got a call from a handler to throw Charlie in ....the only Job Charlie would qualify for is maybe and it's pushing it would be to pooper scoop at the DeSantis dog park....REAP WHAT YOU SOW. .THANK YOU CITIZENS..THIS IS ON YOU

From: Bait and Switch on County Administrator?

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