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One of the means of "control" is to continue to move the players around so nobody else has any authority. The County has had 3 Administrators since the lynching of Cheryl. The abject failure of Hopes, who was championed by KVO, and could have been predicted by anyone with any executive experience, should have been a wake-up call. Instead, the majority of the Board just fell in line to continue to fumble the ball. We're talking about a $1B/yr budget,...that's ONE BILLION!! And we've had 4 Administrators in less than three years! More than one third of the County's employees have left or been excised by in the process!! And a Board continuing to make decisions the taxpayers of the County don't want made,...and that certainly aren't in our best interest. We've got to wake up folks and get these autocrat wannabes out of office. Somehow responsible Republicans, Independents and Democrats need to band together to make it happen. I certainly hope they can.

From: Bait and Switch on County Administrator?

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