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This is a wonderful letter supporting veterans housing. The only part I wish I could agree with was all uplifting talk about working with agencies and government. I don't think it's possible with so many developers padding campaign coffers. Elwood Park won a reprieve from development perhaps because the developer wasn't on the favored, campaign contributions, special VIP list at the BOCC.

While this letter explains veterans service, needs and realities, I believe the BOCC voted no because they live in 'its all about my service, needs and realities'' lala land. Sometimes you have to battle instead of a playing parlay with single minded government officials.Ask any vet. They"ve been there. Dems need to get more hard assed and way less politically correct if they expect to win anything.

It's all about right, wrong and your conscience with God. BOCC has none. The Lord will separate the weeds from the good garden. However, we have to plant the seeds, water and fertilize before the weeds are pulled. So get in the dirt with the rest of us dems. If you play nice you'll get nothing but ignored. I've lived here since 1974, Same old same old. We must do something different if we want different results.

From: Creating Housing for Veterans Exemplifies Manatee’s Spirit of Respect and Solidarity

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