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KVO states in his email that he has to make decisions based on "facts and data". I did not hear any facts or data from the hired consultant, DeLisi. He just kept citing the state regulations. The state sets the minimum but encourages counties to set regulations based on their own unique environment. Abbey Tyrna wrote of many studies in her letter to the commissioners and she cited several during her comments to the board. She has the degrees to be an "expert" witness while DeLisi has a planning degree. DeLisi could not even answer how removing the buffers was a benefit to the non-development population of the county. Rob Brown, a retired long time employee who was working for the county in 1989 when the buffers were adopted stated that there was science at that time. And scarily the change will now apply to Mosaic Phosphate Mining. The first consultant from Kimley-Horn and several staff members recommended keeping the 50-foot buffer on non-isolated wetlands. The review and staff report was taken out of their hands.

From: Greenwashing at Its Finest

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