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I am all for any efforts to protect our environment. However, once again we are trying to empty a water trough with a tea cup while filling it with a fire hose. I am even more disturbed by the methodologies being used to suppress scientific fact, public input or opinion and the promotion of propaganda that is eerily similar to the tactics used by Communists in the takeover of Cuba by Castro. Perhaps our young Commissioner’s high school education did not include the required course on “Americanism vs Communism” as mine did, or perhaps it did and our water boy for team Beruff (ironically a Cuban American) have taken a page from that playbook or suffered some form of dyslexia when reading it.

As I said, or tried to say, before my First Amendment rights were violated by those who shout “Liberty!” and defense of our Constitution the loudest, the wetlands decision alone and how it was handled is going to be a major issue in our 2024 elections. We cannot in good conscience as Americans vote for those whose actions more resemble Fidel’s than Freedom.

From: Greenwashing at Its Finest

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