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And here was said concerned citizen’s reply:


I have read your email and it’s absurd.

First off, even though the citizens of this county are overwhelmingly in favor of clean water policies, “expanding” the buffer, as you put it, was not even an option. But you like those sneaky little word plays don’t you? “Expand” vs “Maintain” and “”homeless shelter” vs “veteran housing.” You were asked (and pleaded with) to keep the current local protections in place, but instead, you voted to gut them.

Secondly, let’s talk about the idea that “more is better” when it comes to greedy developers- or as you like to refer to them- “citizens with private property rights.” What kind of measurable improvement will there be for any of us (including the dupes who buy their homes?) when your actions end up ruining & polluting our coastal environment, adding to fish kills, stinky lyngbya algae blooms, increased flooding and erosion? If you actually cared one bit about “the public good” you wouldn’t have turned a deaf ear to the people and the scientists who spoke at last Thursday’s sham of a meeting and you wouldn’t have sold us & our environment out for your personal gain. The multitude of citizens who took time off of work & courageously spoke (or at least attempted to speak, that is when you weren’t rudely trying to shut them down out of fear of hearing the truth) were passionate because they care about the water they drink, swim, boat and fish in, the land they live on, the wildlife that surrounds us and the livelihoods that a clean environment afford them in the face of an unjust vote which threatens to take that all away from them and their children.

Did you seriously not hear a word of Dr. Tyrna’s incredibly informational presentation which was chock full of “provable data” supporting the position of every single person there??? Or rather, every single person in there minus the 3 or 4 people (besides yourselves) who work for the developers.

It’s really an insult to the public you falsely claim to serve to think we’re gullible enough to believe you’re up there making your decisions “based on facts and data.” Give me a break. The fact that the vote was 6-1 only shows that all 6 of you chose to turn a blind eye to the facts & data you were presented with by scientists and experts clearly supporting the current buffer protection regulations. And just because you arbitrarily assert that they were “implemented arbitrarily by a past board” doesn’t make that lie a truth. The no less than 30-foot buffer was not arbitrarily chosen, it was based on science showing that anything less would not provide a modest benefit at best. You would know this if you had actually bothered to read Dr. Tyrna’s public comment letter, co-signed, incidentally, by 2,743 citizens, or paid attention to her presentation.

Clearly, the 6 of you care much more deeply about stoking culture wars, “sticking it to the libs” and most importantly pleasing your developer bosses than you care about our environment and it’s obvious to all of us that you are taking steps to keep those guys happy. While you put on your theatrical performances spewing lies & excuses for bulldozing over home rule, becoming the dictatorship-type of big government you claim to dislike as a “good conservative Republicans” and hand over local control & decisions to the state- we are watching. And we will not stop calling out your lies and cowardly acts for exactly what they are.

So no Kevin, I’m afraid your email did not help to clear up where you are coming from. Because we’ve all been well aware of where your loyalties lie from the start.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts in writing.

From: Greenwashing at Its Finest

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