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The Wetland issue has touched a nerve with many. I have a local, well-respected physician in this town who has contacted me every day since the vote. He noted that 100% of his patients were upset with the vote. He sent me another message yesterday!

Clams and oysters do a important job with filtration, and this does help. Everything helps! A combination of water treatment is needed. In 2016, Tampa Bay, Sarasota and Charlotte had the best quality of water, seagrasses since the 1950’s.

Chair is not educated in any of this. The environmental dept quit in mass. They could not lie to make the Board look good. My issue is, actions have been taken. Now let's figure out a way to take action to get our waters health, asap. I am a person of science, I am there for anyone that wants to come up with solutions now that actions have been taken.

Don't rely on current Board, they will be temporary.

Let's get together and come up with a.solution.

Woods Hole is a option for science to come up with solutions. Call me, I am easy to find…

From: Greenwashing at Its Finest

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