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"The most blatant use of this agenda manipulation is happening right now with our impact fees."

This is costing current taxpayers untold millions. Impact fees is the fee per home in new developments to put in necessary water/sewer, roads, schools, emergency facilities, etc that the county must provide. Developers pay the fee and build it into the cost of the new home. Currently (and for the last almost 9 years) the impact fees are calculated at 90% of 2015 costs. Year after year the county commission has taken no action to bring fees anywhere near the costs to the county, pushing the cost of all those improvements on to us because once the new homes are built, you cannot go back and get more money to cover their costs and you must provide those services to the new community.

At a recent BoCC meeting there was a request to just increase the part of the impact fee to provide water and sewer to new developments, which was costing the county (ie taxpayers) $1,700 per house to provide. George could not even get a second from the other 6 Commissoners.

From: How Agendas Set Policy

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