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Great piece reiterating what WE…

the public, environmental groups, The Bradenton Times, assorted activists, former county staff, small children and even dogs have been saying for years.

Years meaning when we went through the last promised “national search” for a new county admin and got Hopes, years when the FDAB move was “just a transmittal”, years when we packed the chambers in support of the race track, and wet lands protection, years when we were ignored with our call in pleas for our voices to be heard, years when we begged for better notice and communication, years when half our BOCC was under investigation for ethics or Sunshine Law violations, theft and misuse of funds, years when good people lost their jobs, their homes, their quality of life, years when our Constitutional rights were violated,

And years when every commissioner endorsed or supported every other commissioner that is on the board now.

Yet, not a peep then. Nor any explanation as to the reason or source of these personal epiphanies or any credit given to those who have been saying the same thing for years.

This is “old news”.

The bigger question that requires leadership, courage and a sincere commitment to accountability, civility and ethics is,

what do WE do about it now?

From: How Agendas Set Policy

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