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Thank you for addressing just a few of these issues- you are the only Commissioner who will actively engage with the public or respond to e-mails. I only get responses from Jorge Arana -District 3 commissioner lol and a non-response from Bearden. The September 12 meeting should be required viewing before voting in 2024. This meeting provides just a small sampling of what is wrong with 6 of our commissioners- who no longer care about what their constituents want for our community. During the Port Authority portion of the meeting, I am baffled by “the 6” commissioners’ inability to comprehend the simple statement that once a spill is reported, the Coast Guard becomes fully in charge of the investigation, they do not take direction from the county at any level, nor do they have to report to the county in any manner. This was made abundantly clear three times by USCG Warrant Officer-Mr. Bueros and you. The actions of Van Ostenbridge and Bearden during this meeting are an embarrassment to the public, as was removing you as the Chair. In addition to all the other issues it is frustrating that “the 6”, headed by Bearden, are intent to blow up any veterans housing by Tunnels to Towers and are now seeking an alternative site and will waste tax dollars on a venture they have no expertise in, when we have a willing partner and it will not cost the taxpayers more than the donation of land (that clearly a developer wants.)

From: How Agendas Set Policy

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