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Opinions are like Posteriors, everybody has one and they all stink. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

With that said I will proceed.

I agree with you on the issue of Manatee County Government. Not at all points but there is no doubt something very wrong.

The issue on "banning the books", I don't see it as you do.

Liberal viewpoint feels they are losing their freedom and at some time or another even the most conservative person feels as if they are losing their freedoms. The book issue is very troubling, so is the Federal Government banning under adult age children from using internet. I know it is not all internet so don't strain, just hear me.

Let's take something very easy such as murder. There are laws that say we are not to murder people. Well a person that does not want to practice restraint or perhaps labeled "taking responsibility for their actions" could say they are being deprived their freedom. Facetious? Very but there are people who think like that.

The book issue in my estimation is the same, every person is responsible for what they put in their mind. Well I don't think every household is doing that and there are a lot of degenerates loose on the streets and there is a society to protect. Conclusion- somethings got to give. It would be wonderful if we all practiced morality, it would be wonderful if we just stopped lying or the other side of the coin, we were truthful. Try it for a day and see how personally off base any of us are!

From: From the Gutter to the Sewer

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