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The reason doctors should make the decision and not politicians is because abortions are healthcare. Late term abortions are because there is a problem with the preganancy so when someone says it should be 15 weeks or 16 weeks, they do not understand that if your water breaks at 16 weeks, there is no way that the fetus will survive to become a baby (24 weeks) but because there is an abortion ban, the woman has to become septic or get into a medical crisis before they can be treated. This happened in FL to Anya Cook who nearly bled to death. They could be forced to carry a baby to term that will be born still born or has no lungs or no brain. This happened to Alyssa Gonzales. https://abcnews.go.com/US/post-roe-america-women-detail-agony-forced-carry/story?id=105563349 Doctors NOT Politicians.

From: DeSantis calls abortion rights and cannabis amendments ‘radical’ and says they’ll fail

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