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Obviously, DeSantis is lying... he is protecting the private meat industry in Florida. Growing cultured protein in labratory's isn't a proven technogy yet... but this is them, private industry using government to protect their profits. Noit isn't mysterious "elites". Just companies trying to make a product that will sell. A cheap, safe, protein, is needed in a hungrey world. I remember well, back in the day, when the dairy industry used the government to forced manufacturers of the substitute "margerine" to stop using yellow dye in their product so it didn't look like butter. The maker's of margerine got around this by adding a small packet of yellow dye, which could be massaged into the product at home, so it ressembled butter. How much money for DeSantis political campaign comes from Florida's meat industries combined, ranch to packing house?

From: DeSantis signs ban on lab-grown meat in Florida, says ‘elites’ are pushing it

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