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3 different architects at the same time because "staff" doesn't have the skill set. Cary Knight is like a used car salesman in his explanation. Bishop was no better. A parking garage, you know concrete, steel and ramps this is such a design challenge? How about looking a little closer to home say like the Bradenton Parking lot. Did they ever reach out to NDC, you know the folks we rent the old records building for next to nothing, probably could of done a presentation on the City of Bradenton process who built it or our own local Fawley-Bryant who were the architects on the build. Or even go to the next county of Sarasota and look at the Palm Ave garage with its stunning facade like Frank Gehry but done by local Sarasota Solstice architects But noooooo... spend 3 million of TAXPAYERS money instead

NDC Construction, in conjunction with Fawley-Bryant Architects, utilized the Design/Build project delivery method to complete the project on-time and on-budget. The entire scope consisted of a full site work package, building structure such as slab on grade and precast concrete vertical construction. The project also included a highly detailed architectural aluminum package with several statement-making pieces to dress-up the building and separate it from a typical parking garage: a 3-story trellis, a perforated aluminum facade, a 3-story aluminum fin facade

Owner: City of Bradenton

Project Architect: Fawley-Bryant Architects

Project Scope: Municipal Parking Garage

Construction Cost: $13.8 Million

Completion Date: February 2015


Or how about Palm Avenue Garage in Downtown Sarasota is something you're not going to forget after you witness it in person. It will become an architectural landmark after a few years. For the most part it is a standard parking structure. However, its facade is adorned with massive "sails" that shield the decks from the sun at the most potent times of the day. It was designed by Solstice Architects based in Sarasota,


Or just get Frank Gehry, one of my favorites https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Gehry

From: Commissioners Approve $2.9 Million toward Potential Future Parking Garages

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