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I voted no on this... my reason, Kennedy is not a viable candidate for the Presidency. That is, he has no chance of being elected, and has not put forward national directives or policies - no positions on major issues, foreign or domestic.

I think we all understand the directions of Trump... isolationism, pro-authoritarianism, pro-corporatism, and anti-union/worker; and I venture to say anti-woman, anti-equality, and anti-social programs. In addition, he has shown himself to completely lack moral virture or patrotic honor! That someone might vote for him gives me pause as to their own sense of decency!

Joe Biden has none of the "isms" of Trump, and is for working people, and yes equality of races and sexes... very much equal opportunity. Yes, at times his polices move slowly, or not at all... but that is the nature of our system of government... there is a Congress that must concur, and at this time, for the sake of politics alone, and not the right thing, they often oppose. That requires a change... I say in representation in Congress!

From: Do you think Robert F. Kennedy Jr. should be added to the presidential debates?

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