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A partner NDC also spoke to the council. The project has received $55,000 from the CRA. These are two grants. One for $20,000 and one for $35,000. I agree with the grant process to encourage new business in CRA districts. However, at the meeting it was mentioned more incentives would be ask. for from the CRA. I questioned the CRA Director and he refused to discuss. I also sent an email requesting the data for Public awareness and Transparency. Another business on the agenda the same day was denied hours of operation and has been to the council at least three times. The discussion went on for probably an hour or more just before Good Liquid's request. It was questioned as to why the previous business was not allow hours of operation and this Business was never questioned. You should go play the YouTube video to verify these facts and make your own determination. On one hand the Mayor and council say they are going to pass a new ordinance restricting alcohol use on Main Street. Bradenton Times please ask for a public records request to enlighten us on the new CRA funding for this project.

From: Good Liquid Moves Forward on Downtown Cafe

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