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The shift away from the El Niño event creates the non El Niño pattern or the absense of El Niño. Without quibbling with the analysis of the effects likely to occur, the scientific basis of expert meteorology tempts me to digress and appeal for some rational discussion of scientific information. El Niño is the name given to an upwelling pattern that appears regularly off the western coast of South America. Its Catholic inhabitants recognized that it coincided with the approach of Christmas and so when it was repeating, they named it to honor the coming of the Christ child, Jesus (El Niño). I have no idea who decided to use a bizarre sexual dicotomy contrary to that cultural, religious, and linguistic tradition. The dicotomy is based on complete ignorance. But here we have it. Who, pray tell (I use the phrase deliberately) is La Niña? Perhaps a female deity on the other side of a dicotomy in Catholicism that appears during years without the upwelling? Perhaps we have lost knowledge of fraternal twins born in a manger and so on? Could we have been left with only half of the saviors enshrined in Catholicism? Is ths like the suppression of the female prophits of the old testament? Now resurrected, can we ever decipher her name and the details of her sacred life?

I advocate for the reversal of this ignorance being bandied about by folks supposedly discussing scientific knowledge based on facts — and advocate for the use of terminology that is based on reality. Adoption of a more accurate term (as suggested above) could become a social movement against ignorance — it could begin right here! Imagine, we could get into Ripley's or be the notation in Merrium Webster about the first instance of usage...

We need a cause such as this if we are going to suffer the dreadful consequences of the absence of El Niño or the non El Niño. Are you with me? thanks for the patience reading through my rant about a pet peeve...

From: Meteorologists Warn of Unique Potential for Extreme Hurricane Season

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