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An increase of almost $1M seems to be excessive seeing as the fiscal year starts in a little over 4 months. Mike Bennett ran the SOE with Scott Farrington without such budget amendments. And from everything said over the 12 years, the SOE was run efficiently without any hint of scandal or lack of integrity. After listening to Satcher speak at the immigration workshop, I figured he would ask for a budget amendment, but was surprised at the actual amount requested. It scares me that a man and his deputy with absolutely no experience managing a constitutional office and handling that excessive amount of money. It will be interesting to see his request during the budget cycle. How much more will be asked for especially above previous budgets over the years? I wonder if he will speak at the BOCC or just let the CFO handle it all as she is the listed contact. It would be good for him to explain his justification for such numbers.

From: Satcher Requests Budget Increase for SOE Office

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