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I watched the entire debacle and luckily I had downloaded the documents before they were removed from the agenda on-line. Satcher sounded like a bumbling idiot, stating he didn't have the numbers in front of him. How can you argue for an increase of this magnitude without having the documents? Beardon went off on a rant, raising his voice as if this made it more accurate. Satcher, KVO and Beardon both kept referencing Sarasota's budget (who cares). Kruse did his research and cited the fact that Manatee County over 7 election cycles (2020-Jan. 2024) based on a state study only had 12 complaints over this time, the state average was 20. Satcher never stated what the actual problem with the office was that had to be corrected immediately at this time. KVO and Beardon both denigrated the previous administration of the SOE. The appointment of Satcher was solely political, not based on experience or qualifications. Vote for Scott Farrington.

From: BOCC Approves Satcher's Request for More Funding

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