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What a sad day for Manatee County. An $850,000 budget request asked for by the Supervisor of Elections who did not have a single straight answer to any question asked by the only commissioner who actually knew what questions to ask, but it was voted on and passed by commissioners who did not care or know what the request was about or the questions to ask.

When Satcher said they office was running $300,000 in the red, where was the "show us " They didn't ask the head of finance sitting there was that true.

They were worried about Sarasota's budget, and did not ask, "why is there's larger".,, Well they have three major cities to deal with, Manatee has one.,Sarasota has about 20% more voters, and two remote offices due to the three cities bigger than Bradenton they have to deal with.

Our commissioners have shown serious lack of ability to serve Manatee County. Bearden is a lier and incompetent, and KVO has a bad case of small man mentality. Kvo blamed the current budget issue due to incompetent's previous leadership, Well if we were so incompetent why would he have voted for our budget year after year without the first question. Please vote them all out except Kruse, he is the only one who studies the issues. Vote for Scott Farrington, lets get him back in there before this idiot destroys the voting record of Manatee County completely

Michael Bennett

From: BOCC Approves Satcher's Request for More Funding

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