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Manatee Memorial Hospital is a joke. They are for profit yet still can’t keep up with local demand for their services. I have been to hospitals all over the country including underserved hospitals and never found a hospital so corrupt and poorly operated. My brother was under for 5 days because they didn’t have food on hand for a gtube user. Then they made me bring in his food which was actually Medicare fraud. My brother in stage 4 cancer was left in the emergency room awaiting a bed for over 12 hours even though the Dr wanted him admitted. My brother was so uncomfortable so we left. Another time he wanted 5 days in the ER. When diagnosed with pneumonia and sepsis they discharged him prematurely and he ended up going to Lakewood Ranch hospital where he was well care for and then referred to a nursing care facility. Lakewood Ranch is owned by the same company as MMH but is more efficiently operated and actually are for the people. I spent one day helping people waiting in the ER for a room by providing patients food and blankets as they sat there unattended for over 12 hours. Mmh is where people go to die. I filed several complaints with the CEO office to no avail likely because they do t care about Medicaid patients. Mmh is where people go to die. I will take ride to St Pete or Sarasota before I ever step foot in MMH. Dropping this program just shows MMH to be greedy.

From: Manatee Memorial ends indigent and uninsured patient care program

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