Riverview Expansion Project Cost May Increase Yet Again

Staff Report
BRADENTON — At a Bradenton City Council meeting scheduled for this morning, council members are expected to approve a second change order to the contract for the expansion of the Riverwalk in downtown Bradenton. If approved, the contract sum will have more than doubled from its original amount.

NDC Construction Company was originally awarded the contract for $4.5 million in Sept. of 2020, but the council previously approved a change order for $2.8 million in additional funding, bringing the cost to $7.3 million. Based on the 90% design drawings from Kimley-Horn Architects, NDC requested another $2.8 million on January 4, which would bring the total cost to $10.15 million.

The change order also states that contract time will be increased by 304 days, pushing the new projected completion date to Dec. 2 of this year. The meeting is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. at City Hall. Bradenton City Council meetings are broadcast on Manatee County's government access channel (MGA), channel 644 on Spectrum, and channel 30 on Frontier. Click here to read the proposed change order.

Reader Comments
Barbara Elliott
JAN 20, 2023  •  All for the apartment dwellers in overpriced apartments along the river. While the major number of citizens have their riverfront made inaccessible by parking and ADA standards.
JAN 18, 2023  •  And this is how it is done ..NDClow balls to get the project then requests a change order to add more money ... and the city happily goes along . Bend over city taxpayers