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New College Foundation Adds Mike Rahn to Board


New College Foundation Inc. announced this week that Manatee County Commission Chair Mike Rahn has been added to its Board of Directors for 2024-2025.

The Foundation raises money to support student scholarships, academic programs, faculty hiring, capital improvements to the New College campus, and other key initiatives. The appointments of Rahn and A.J. Janson were made by New College Board of Trustees chair and 1980 New College alumna Debra Jenks.

“A.J. Janson and Mike Rahn are deeply rooted in our local community and understand the role having a renowned small liberal arts college serves in elevating the region,” said New College President Richard Corcoran. “As we work together toward establishing New College’s place among the nation’s preeminent liberal arts colleges, we will also be strengthening its connection culturally and economically within Sarasota and Manatee counties.”


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  • Charles

    New College was a renowned honors college of the state university system. It graduated more Fulbright Scholars relative to its student enrollment — than any other college or university in the entire USA. The honors college is being dismantled and remodled after a private religious college in another state that has no other claim than its stiffling of achieveing the capacity for critical thinking that used to be the objective of a 'Liberal Arts' education. Since the renowned honors college is being dismantled, it should be abandoned. Why have two similar state colleges next to one another? Let the name of New College retain its relationship to high academic achievement for those who are graduates and former professors — in past tense — so it still may be something to be proud of. A respectful memorial ceremony would be appropriate.

    Saturday, July 6 Report this

  • kmskepton

    Of course they did. The political incest continues.

    Sunday, July 7 Report this

  • WTF

    Another yes puppet for the position

    A motion to confirm the contract for Corcoran was made and then seconded. The board voted 11-1 to approve the contract, with Corcoran’s annual salary at $699,000 ($394,000 more than Okker’s, which was $305,000).

    The only board member to vote against the contract was student body president Grace Keenan. Prior to the vote, Keenan brought up several concerns regarding Corcoran and his contract—specifically, the increase in salary. Keenan noted that one of the criticisms levied at New College was that it was in financial straits. Why, she asked, would it make sense to increase the president’s salary by nearly $400,000? And would doing so require other staff salaries to increase in turn?

    Board member Matthew Lepinski brought up the yearly housing allowance in the contract. On top of the salary, the contract provides $84,000 for Corcoran for housing. “This is the upper end of housing allowance,” Lepinski said. He said he looked at other housing allowances provided to school presidents throughout the state and found that they ranged from $24,000 to $84,00.


    Sunday, July 7 Report this

  • Dianna

    Sadly, they have destroyed a really great college and added a little more corruption to the mix.

    Sunday, July 7 Report this