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Letter to the Editor

Register Republican and Take Our County Back


To all of the non-Republican registered voters, I get it - maybe you don't want to be identified as a Republican, so the idea of switching parties to vote in our primary doesn't sit well with you.

But does having NO say in your local elections really taste better? Use the system to your advantage. Change your party to Republican, and then Vote Satcher and VanOstenbridge OUT!!!

We need to take back Manatee County from the developers and their stooges.


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  • Dave

    Don't wanna, but I'm gonna.

    Friday, June 14 Report this

  • Debann

    I absolutely agree with Kristina...VOTE THEM OUT. VOTE SCOTT FARRINGTON. And anyone but Van ostenbridge...VILE individual

    Friday, June 14 Report this

  • CRC42850

    I changed mine specifically for this reason a one party county that is more and more in need of change.

    Friday, June 14 Report this

  • Dianna

    At the county level the only thing that matters is what is good for the citizens. Other than George Kruse, the other sitting commissioners do not care about what is best for our community. Watch the wetland meeting or any meeting. They do not want the public to participate in any way. They do not want the public to comment. Everything is on the consent agenda because they do not want a presentation or discussion. It is time for the community to come together and get rid of them, we have the opportunity to take back Manatee County but Van Ostenbridge, Satcher, and Turner need to go

    Saturday, June 15 Report this