Two Major Roadway Projects Approved by Manatee Commission

Dawn Kitterman
BRADENTON — In a regular meeting Tuesday, the Manatee County Commission adopted two resolutions related to roadway improvement. The approved plans will bring enhancements to Moccasin Wallow Road and 43rd Street West at its intersection with Manatee Avenue—two traffic areas of significant concern.

The widening and expansion of the east end of Moccasin Wallow Road will be completed with a state-funded grant and agreement with FDOT. The roadway—which is a hurricane evacuation route—will undergo widening to create four lanes with median and bike lanes, and its expansion will connect Moccasin Wallow from 115th Street East to US 301. The plan also includes a trail and sidewalks, as well as lighting. 

Resolution R-22-011 to authorize the use of the state-funded grant for Moccasin Wallow Road improvements and expansion passed unanimously. 

The 43rd Street West and Manatee Avenue intersection improvement was a project approved to be added to the county’s transportation category of the previously approved infrastructure sales tax project list. The county intersection has a history of significant traffic congestion, with a Walgreens at one corner, Jessie P. Elementary at the other, and a shopping plaza with a Publix grocery, as well as Saint Stephen's Epsicopal School within less than a block. The traffic congestion is anticipated to only increase since the City of Bradenton’s approval of a Chik-Fil-A restaurant at the intersection. The project is projected to cost $3,318,162.

The addition of the 43rd Street Intersection Improvement Project was also approved by the board unanimously in Tuesday's meeting. Two projects totaling $698,000 were removed from the infrastructure sales tax project list, 75th Street West at 53rd Avenue West, and 53rd Ave W from 25th Street to US 41. 

Reader Comments
George Mendez
JAN 15, 2022  •  There is a history of the City of Bradenton not consulting with or cooperating with Manatee County when approving growth. A number of years ago Walmart approached Manatee County to build a 24 hour a day Super Store on Cortez Rd. W. For several reasons the county denied the building of the store. One reason was the FP & L Transmission Line prevented the building of a turning lane into the store coming from the west. That meant that one lane of Cortez Rd. would have to be the turning a lane, a road that is already rated "F" most of the day. The parking lot is so massive that it would require a huge containment pond. Truck traffic supplying the store would be an additional problem. These and other problems were enough to deny the project. So, Walmart went to the City of Bradenton and asked them to annex the property which they did and then allowed the Walmart to be built. I love Chik-Fil-A but why allow it to be put at an intersection that is already rated as "F"?
Jim Loftus
JAN 13, 2022  •  Why isn't Chick-fil-A paying the cost of road improvements at 43rd and Manatee? Could it be they've already paid more than that under the table? No sane city planner would approve dropping a busy restaurant like Chick-fil-A in an already congested intersection.