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A parent and teacher guide to AI detectors like GPTZero

Study.com analyzed popular schoolwork AI detectors and news reports to explain the pros and cons of AI schoolwork checkers.
Dom DiFurio
Wednesday, October 18
5 effective studying methods for every kind of student
Everyone learns differently—Numerade outlined five study techniques to help students find the studying method that's most effective for them.
Jill Jaracz
2 days ago
Public colleges with the best return on investment
Stacker looked at the public colleges with the best return on investment, using Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce study.    
Madison Troyer, Data Work By Emma Rubin
Monday, November 20
What every state received to support education for youth experiencing homelessness
Using Department of Education data, HeyTutor investigated U.S. federal funding allocations to support education for youth experiencing homelessness.
Halle Young, Data Work By Emma Rubin
Wednesday, November 15
Not all teachers want to be principals, but what comes next otherwise?
Teachers who don't want to be administrators have limited opportunities for career advancement. TeacherCertification.com explored what this means.
Jill Jaracz
Tuesday, November 14
Industries that laid off the most workers in September
Stacker used Bureau of Labor Statistics data to rank 19 major industries by the number of layoffs they had in September 2023.
Paxtyn Merten
Thursday, November 2
How online and traditional tutoring methods benefit different students
Numerade explored the differences between online and traditional in-person tutoring and how parents and teachers can decide which method suits different students.
Ben Popken
Monday, October 30

Career Ready: 3 strategies to prepare teens for life after school

(Family Features) Consider these tips to help students explore the many options in front of them and prepare for the possibilities that await after high school.

Monday, October 16

How Young Adults Can Build a Healthier Future

(Family Features) Shaping the future of public health into an equitable one means ensuring all people and communities have access to the health care and resources they need to live well.

Tuesday, October 10

4 Workplace Benefits that Support Parents

(Family Features) Balancing work and life can be challenging for many parents, especially when it comes to affording child care. Consider these child care benefits parent employees would like to see offered to them.

Wednesday, October 4
Jobs and employment information

Do you know how to reduce holiday stress? One university focuses on giving back

(BPT) - If you feel stressed around the holiday season, you are far from alone. Between busier schedules, long to-do lists and high expectations, what should be a joyful time of year can instead …
2 days ago

Is your employer the secret to living longer and healthier?

(BPT) - It’s that time of year when many Americans review their health care benefits to see if they have the coverage they need during open enrollment. If you don’t enjoy this annual …
Thursday, November 16

Anesthesiologists showcase cutting-edge research to transform patient care

(BPT) - Traumatic brain injury (TBI) leads to depression in women more often than men. Minority patients are more likely to die after surgery. Parents may benefit from using virtual reality to ease …

Tuesday, November 14

Game on: Sports can help level the playing field for women in business

(BPT) - In the wake of an electrifying sports season with record-breaking viewership for the WNBA and landmark victories for women athletes globally, Deloitte released "The Impact of Sports on …

Monday, November 13

7 tips for navigating the college application journey

(BPT) - With many moving parts and high stakes involved, it’s essential to approach college applications with a well-thought-out plan. From planning to budgeting to submitting your application, …

Monday, November 13