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Wetlands Decision Will Determine Our Future

My name is Brice Claypoole. I’m fifteen years old and run the advocacy group Kids for Clean Water. The group was founded in 2020 by me and six other local kids. Our first campaign was an effort …
by Brice Claypoole

Trustees Select Corcoran as New College's Permanent President

On Tuesday, New College of Florida’s Board of Trustees selected Richard Corcoran as the school’s next president. Corcoran’s selection comes after a six-month …
Staff Report
Yesterday at 5:06 PM

Canadian Wildfire Smoke Reaches Tampa Bay

Raging wildfires in Canada have been fouling the air in northern states for months on end, and winds have finally brought them all the way to southwest Florida, as a smokey haze …
Staff Report
Yesterday at 4:43 PM

Another Astroturf "Conservative" Group Provides Cover to Developer Backed Commissioners

Despite the 2024 primary election being more than ten months off, and the general election more than a year, some Manatee County voters are receiving familiar unsolicited …
by Dawn Kitterman
4 days ago
More local news
LWV School Board Notes: 9/26/2023
The League of Women Voters of Manatee County Education Issues Committee observes the Manatee County School Board meetings for items of interest to citizens and to the League and notes adherence, or …
by LWV Manatee County
Yesterday at 3:57 PM
This Week in Local Government: 10/2/23
There is only one meeting of note on local government calendars this week, a Manatee County Commission land use meeting that is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 5.  The meeting's …
by Dawn Kitterman
4 days ago
Red Tide Status Update: 9/29/23
Red tide was not observed in samples collected statewide over the past week. No reports of fish kills suspected to be related to red tide were received over the past week.
by FWC
Friday, September 29
LWV County Commission Notes: 9/26/2023
The League of Women Voters of Manatee County Government Committee observes Manatee County Commission meetings for items of interest to citizens and the League and notes adherence, or lack of …
by LWV Manatee County
Thursday, September 28
Probstfeld to Retire as USF-Sarasota/Manatee
Earlier this week, State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota President Carol Probstfeld announced she will retire on July 1, the end of the current academic year. Probstfeld …
Staff Report
Thursday, September 28
GOP Hopefuls Tear into Each Other and Trump at Second Debate
The candidates polling from second to eighth in the race for the Republican nomination for president largely agreed on policy, fought over their records, and took aim at former President Donald Trump …
by Jacob Fischler, Florida Phoenix
Thursday, September 28
DeSantis Betrays Florida
Back when dinosaurs ruled the earth and I was in high school, I was part of a singing group that traveled around to Panhandle churches and performed religious songs. No, really! I’m not making …
by Craig Pittman, Florida Phoenix
4 days ago
Guest Opinion
10 Reasons Why Wetland Protections Should Not be Reduced in Manatee County
Manatee County is proposing to eliminate several policies that provide wetland protections. Revisions to the county’s Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code will defer to the state …
by Glenn Compton
4 days ago
EarthTalk: Sustainable Parenting 101
Sustainable parenting isn’t easy given all the ways modern society has become largely a profusion of disposable products. Besides making conscious decisions about the products you buy, you also …
4 days ago
Chief's Corner: Melanie Bevan , BPD
The Bradenton Police Department would like to recognize Captain Bill Knight, who retired last week after 22 years serving the citizens of Bradenton.
by Chief Melanie Bevan
Yesterday at 4:03 PM
Sunday Favorites: Sowing the Seeds of Opportunity, Part Two
When we left off last week,  By 1954, English Willard Smith expanded his staff to include a store manager. Vaylord Tyler assumed the role, so English had more flexibility to explore different …
by Merab Favorite
4 days ago
What if Every Interaction began with “May I”
Obviously, this is not the world we live in. The question requires that we use our imagination to visualize what that might look like, how it might feel? Imagine living in a world where permission …
by Rudy Ortega
Sunday, September 24
This week's reader poll
TBT Podcasts
This week, TBT Editor Mitch Maley and investigative reporter Dawn Kitterman discuss Lee Washington's recently reported whistleblower complaint, Charlie Bishop's county administrator contract, and …
Thursday, September 28
TBT Editor Mitch Maley and investigative reporter Dawn Kitterman discuss the Manatee County Commission's decision to remove historical resources from the clerk of the court, hire Charlie Bishop as …
Sunday, September 17
Cheryl Fabiola Cobb-Tullos
Cheryl Fabiola Cobb-Tullos, also known as Cheryl Tullos, passed away on September 26, 2023, at the age of 67 in Bradenton, Florida. She was born on September 17, 1956, in Providence, Rhode Island. …
Yesterday at 3:10 PM
Diana Chagerben-Salinas
Diana passed away on September 19, 2023. She is survived by her loving family and friends. FUNERAL HOME Shannon Funeral Homes - Town Chapel 1015 14th St. W. Bradenton, Florida
2 days ago
Donald Lawrence LaVoice
September 5, 1928 - May 15, 2023 Donald Lawrence LaVoice, passed away peacefully at home, at the age of 94+ on May 15, 2023. Our dad had a zest for life and loved his family more than anything! …
2 days ago
Debra Brooman
April 25, 1960 - September 21, 2023 Bradenton, Florida - Debra Kay Brooman (née Leonard) passed away peacefully on September 21, 2023 at home in Bradenton, Florida with …
3 days ago
Cristi Hartley
Cristi Hartley March 8, 1972 - September 23, 2023 Fitzgerald, Georgia - Cristi Lynn Hartley, formerly of Bradenton, passed away at the age of 51 on Saturday, 23 September, 2023 at her home …
3 days ago
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Sports & recreation

Much To Celebrate AS MLB Regular Season Concludes

As the 2023 MLB regular season winds down today, there’s no shortage of highlights to look back on and off-season expectations to be excited about.
by Don Laible
Friday, September 29

Secrets From A League Of Their Own Film Exposed In New Book

Everything you could ever want to know about arguably the most celebrated baseball film of all time is offered by Erin Carlson in her new book – No Crying In Baseball: The Inside Story of A …
by Don Laible
Sunday, September 24

Rays Reach Agreement to Stay in St. Pete

The Tampa Bay Rays reached an agreement with the city of St. Petersburg and Pinellas County to build a $1.3 billion ballpark as part of the redevelopment of the site where …
by Dennis "Mitch" Maley
Wednesday, September 20
Arts & Entertainment

Sunshine Theatre Co. Kicks of Season Two This Weekend

The Sunshine State Theatre kicks off its second season this weekend with performances of A Nightmare Barroom Brouhaha , an immersive theater event that is the result of the …

Staff Report
Yesterday at 4:34 PM

Let's Do the Time Warp Again!

Get ready to get weird! The one and only Rocky Horror Picture Show returns to the Manatee Performing Arts Center on Thursday, October 19, and runs through Sunday, November 5.
Staff Report
Thursday, September 28

FST Announces Lineup for Theater's 50th Anniversary Season

Florida Studio Theatre recently announced an exciting lineup for its upcoming 50th anniversary season, featuring a four-show Winter Mainstage Series that kicks off with Little Shop of Horrors. The …
Staff Report
Thursday, September 28

Interview: Jelly Roll

It’s a bit ironic to know the song that saved Jelly Roll’s music career is called “Save Me.” The ballad 'Seeped in Despair' is getting a second life as a featured track …
by Alan Sculley
Thursday, September 28
ICYM - In Case You Missed It
At Thursday's Manatee County Commission land use meeting, commissioners will cast a final vote on plans to gut the county's wetland protection policies. If board members move …
by Dennis "Mitch" Maley
5 days ago
The sea level surrounding New York City (NYC) is nine inches higher today than it was in 1950. Put differently. While it took 48 years for the sea level around NYC to rise by six inches, the next …
Sunday, September 24
On Tuesday, Manatee County Commissioners once again crammed an impressive amount of excrement into a single meeting. From an ill-advised takeover of a prestigious department to the final play in …
by Dennis "Mitch" Maley
Sunday, September 17
Letter to the Editor
We live in the “free” state of Florida. It allows insurance companies “free” rein to charge whatever they want to homeowners and HOAs.
Kris Perry
Sunday, September 17
If you are among the 92 percent of Americans who use email as a means of communication, you are a recipient of unsolicited batch emails called “spam.” Every day, upwards of 14.5 billion …
Sunday, September 17
Interesting News

4 Workplace Benefits that Support Parents

(Family Features) Balancing work and life can be challenging for many parents, especially when it comes to affording child care. Consider these child care benefits parent employees would like to see offered to them.

7 hours ago

Become a CFP® Professional and Be Part of a Growing and Diverse Profession

(NewsUSA) - Today, October 4, marks World Financial Planning Day, a time to recognize the value of financial planning. Did you know that financial planning is not just a valuable resource for …
9 hours ago

3 ways business executives can benefit from yoga and meditation

(BPT) - The business world can be a stressful place. When working as a business executive, you can feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities of being a leader in a world that requires relentless …
Yesterday at 6:01 PM
Florida report

Manatee County September 12, 2023 - Regular Meeting

BOCC Votes to Remove Historical Resources from Clerk's Oversite removes Kruse as Port Chair and more....

State News
Quality Journalism for Critical Times WASHINGTON — Majority Leader Steve Scalise of Louisiana and Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio announced Wednesday they will seek the U.S. House speaker’s gavel …
Ashley Murray (via Florida Phoenix)
2 hours ago
Quality Journalism for Critical Times Former President Donald Trump said Wednesday that supporters have suggested he serve as the next U.S. House speaker, but his main goal is returning to the …
Mitch Perry (via Florida Phoenix)
3 hours ago
Quality Journalism for Critical Times WASHINGTON — As federal student loan repayments restart, the Biden administration Wednesday announced an additional $9 billion in student loan forgiveness …
Ariana Figueroa (via Florida Phoenix)
7 hours ago
Quality Journalism for Critical Times Last week, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall issued a “statement on redistricting to the people of Alabama.” It said his office would abide by a …
Brian Lyman (via Florida Phoenix)
12 hours ago
Bonus web content
One man's transformative journey losing 100-plus pounds
(BPT) - Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and for Brad Roberts, Chief Operating Officer of LifeMD, one such twist was his unexpected weight gain after the loss of his father. However, his …
Yesterday at 2:37 PM
What the end of the student loan pause means for teachers
After a three-year pause, student loan repayments will resume. TeacherCertification.com explored how existing forgiveness programs affect teachers.
Jill Jaracz
Yesterday at 1:35 PM
2021 was a record year for hit-and-runs—here's what to do if you're a victim
The General used data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to compare how rates of hit and runs in 2021 compare to previous years.
Natalie McNeal
Yesterday at 12:00 PM
2021 was a record year for hit-and-runs—here's what to do if you're a victim
The General used data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to compare how rates of hit and runs in 2021 compare to previous years.
Natalie McNeal
Yesterday at 12:00 PM
Hints For Homeowners
Keep Power Bills Down
(NAPSI)—Now is the time for New York residents to make sure their homes are as energy efficient as possible when storms and cold temperatures hit and in the rare event of a power outage.   …
Yesterday at 11:41 AM