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Photo via Duette Fire and Rescue District's Facebook page

Manatee County Commissioners Again Discuss Fire District Consolidations

During a Tuesday meeting of the Manatee County Commission, multiple commissioners expressed their support for future conversations on the possibility of consolidating some of the county …
by Dawn Kitterman
Yesterday at 6:22 PM
Tracey Washington addresses the Manatee BOCC at Tuesday's meeting.

Mother of Palmetto man who died following police encounter asks BOCC to consider CALL program

Tracy Washington, the mother of Breonte Johnson-Davis, a Palmetto man who died following an interaction with police that saw him tasered, appeared before the Manatee County …
by Mitch Maley
Yesterday at 5:56 PM

NY prosecutor ties Trump hush money payments to campaign as criminal trial kicks off

Oral arguments in former President Donald Trump’s historic case in New York began Monday in a Manhattan courtroom where jurors will be tasked with deciding whether deceptive …
by Ashley Murray
Yesterday at 3:16 PM
Aerial view of a clear-cut large-scale development site in Manatee County.

"Dust Control" on BOCC Meeting Agenda Next Week

Commissioners will receive a presentation from county staff on dust control at large-scale housing developments during an upcoming meeting...
by Dawn Kitterman
5 days ago
More local news
This Week in Local Government: 4/28/24
It will be a very slow week in local government as we close out the month of April. This week, only the Manatee County Commission will be in session...
by Dawn Kitterman
Buchanan Recognizes Local Educators, School Employees
Over the weekend, Congressman Vern Buchanan (R-Longboat Key) hosted the 10th annual Congressional Education Awards ceremony to give special recognition to 26 dedicated professionals …
Staff Report
Yesterday at 3:17 PM
Sponsored Article
Know Your Rights: A Comprehensive Guide to Flight Compensation for Tourists
Traveling is a great way to discover a whole world! But if tourists are not prepared for unforeseen circumstances, then the rest can be spoiled. One of the first problems you may encounter is the …
by Darya Gubeladze
Yesterday at 12:21 PM
Red Tide Status Update: 4/19/23
Red tide was not observed in samples collected statewide over the past week. No reports of fish kills suspected to be related to red tide were received over the past week.
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Friday, April 19
This Week in Local Government: 4/21/24
It will be a fairly active week for local governments. The Manatee County Commission will hold a regular meeting on Tuesday with a lengthy agenda...
by Dawn Kitterman
Friday, April 19
New Pavilion Unveiled at Lake Manatee State Park
Lake Manatee State Park now has a new, accessible picnic pavilion. A generous donation from the Garrett A. Turner Foundation made the amenity possible. The lakeside …
Staff Report
Friday, April 19
EarthTalk: Where’s The Biofuel?
Biomass is organic material derived from living or recently living organisms like plants, animals and microorganisms. It can be used as a renewable energy source via combustion, fermentation or …
Guest Opinion
Hillsborough County Fire Rescue
Mosaic’s Toxic Assets
On Monday evening, March 25, a fire broke out at the Mosaic Riverview fertilizer plant and rapidly went out of control. In classic Mosaic PR style, Jackie Barron, Mosaic spokesperson, described it as …
by Andy Mele
Yesterday at 12:10 PM
Guest Commentary
(L to R) Mike Rahn, Kevin Van Ostenbridge, James Satcher, Amanda Ballard, Jason Bearden, Vannessa Baugh, George Kruse, Anthony Pedicini. Source: Facebook.
A Tale of Two Pictures
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are two pictures and an accompanying 500 words that should prove that James Satcher was the wrong choice to be appointed our Supervisor of …
by Sue Denham
5 days ago
Sunday Favorites: The Battle at Dade
As the sun rose over the Florida wilderness in the winter of 1835, tensions simmered beneath the surface, foretelling a clash that would echo through the annals of American history. The stage was set for the tragic saga of the Dade Massacre, a pivotal event in the tumultuous narrative of the Second Seminole War. But to truly grasp the significance of that fateful day, we must journey back through the years, tracing the intricate web of events that culminated in one of the bloodiest conflicts on Florida soil.
by Merab Favorite
4 days ago
The population of Florida’s bald eagles dropped dramatically because of DDT. Photo by FWC
Florida fueled the first Earth Day; now we need another one
Earth Day is coming up next Monday, which will probably elicit a fervent “meh” from a lot of people. These days, Earth Day seems more like a marketing gimmick than a holiday, not unlike …
by Craig Pittman
Friday, April 19
Sunday Favorites: Where and What was Pine Level?
Back when Manatee County was first formed, it was much larger than it is today. Early settlers in eastern Manatee, many living in the Peace River region were not happy that Manatee Village was identified as the county seat. They wanted a more centralized location, but where could it be?
by Merab Favorite
Sunday, April 14
Wayne Blashock
Wayne Anthony Blashock sadly left us on April 17, 2024. He was born on September 21, 1928, in Middletown, Ohio, and was a Veteran of the …
4 days ago
Darlene Brouwer
Darlene Marie Brouwer, 78, of Palmetto FL, died peacefully at home surrounded by the love of her family on April 18, 2024, following a …
4 days ago
Ruth Leirer
She is survived by 2 children, 4 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. Arrangements under the care of Shannon Funeral Home. Memories …
4 days ago
This week's reader poll
TBT Podcasts
This week, Mitch and Dawn discuss the appeal by the mother of a Palmetto man who died following a police encounter for the county to implement a program that would send social workers instead of …
7 hours ago
This week, Mitch and Dawn discuss the Manatee County Commission's special meeting on "illegal aliens" and James Satcher's appointment as Manatee County Supervisor of Elections.
Wednesday, April 17
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Sports & recreation

Lopez Finding Coaching Groove With Pirates

Mendy Lopez is a very special member of the Pittsburgh Pirates coaching staff. The Dominican native, now in his second year as a member of manager Derek Shelton’s MLB staff, is someone to keep …
by Don Laible
3 days ago

McCutchen Leading Way for New Look Pirates

With several new faces representing the present and future of the Pittsburgh Pirates, make no mistake, Andrew McCutchen remains the club’s leader. Now, at the start of his sixteenth MLB …
by Don Laible
Tuesday, April 9

Bradentucky Bombers to Host First Tournament

The Bradentucky Bombers are hosting our first-ever WFTDA-sanctioned roller derby tournament, Invadentucky, from April 20-21, 2024, at Ellenton Ice & Sports Complex. The two-day …
Staff Report
Tuesday, April 9
Arts & Entertainment
Dekyi Rongé, Alex Pelletier, and Gregg Weiner. Photo by Sorcha Augustine

Theater Review: Westminster

Urbanite Theatre in downtown Sarasota recently presented the world premiere of Brenda Withers' Westminster , a dark comedy that was the winner of Urbanite's 2023 Modern Works …

by Mitch Maley
Thursday, April 18

A Rambling Man is Laid to Rest

Bradenton native and co-founder of the legendary Allman Brothers Band Dickey Betts passed away on Thursday following a battle with cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
by Mitch Maley
Thursday, April 18

Interview: Cheap Trick

Now that live music is back, with it comes a string of Cheap Trick concerts. It’s something the veteran act has done on a consistent annual basis ever since forming in Rockford, IL, in 1973. …
by Dave Gil de Rubio
Thursday, April 18

Weekend Sounds: April 19-21

It's another weekend, and you know what that means. If you guessed another great lineup of local, talented musicians in Manatee, Sarasota, and surrounding counties ...
Staff Report
Thursday, April 18
ICYM - In Case You Missed It
Climate change causes rising temperatures, fluctuating rain patterns and other extreme weather phenomena. However, the effects of climate change are not equally distributed across the country. …
Friday, April 19
A new Florida law that Gov. Ron DeSantis touted as a way to prevent Florida from becoming San Francisco looks like another stunt geared more toward the press conference than the actual policy.
by Mitch Maley
Friday, April 19
Guest Opinion
Florida is promoting charter schools as an alternative to traditional schools, allowing parents the “freedom of choice” in providing education for their children. What Florida …
by Glenn Compton
Friday, April 19
Guest Opinion
Marijuana is legal in Florida, and the state follows federal law with regard to the drug. 4/20 Day remains a big event for many people. It has long moved past the counterculture protests of old to …
by Jody Boulay
Thursday, April 18
On Friday, Governor Ron DeSantis again showed his true colors, appointing unqualified political hack James Satcher as our Supervisor of Elections instead of the infinitely more qualified alternative, …
by Mitch Maley
Tuesday, April 16
Interesting News

Credit card reconciliation: How business owners can eliminate inflated costs and wasteful spending when tracking expenses

Ramp dives into credit card reconciliation and provides steps to help businesses set up efficient, accurate systems.

Fiona Lee
9 hours ago

The 20 greatest Best Picture nominees that don't get enough credit

Casino Bonus CA looked at all films nominated for Best Picture and narrowed the list to those that didn't win and had under 50,000 votes on IMDb.
Katrina Sirotta
10 hours ago

7 moments of Asian American and Black American solidarity

Stacker compiled a list of seven moments where Asian American and Black American solidarity paved the way for broad-stroke freedoms.
Keerthi Vedantam
10 hours ago
Florida report

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Bob Delaney - Undercover Film "Hiding in Plain Sight" Working Undercover in New Jersey as a State Trooper

Emmy Award winning director, Nick Nanton, interviews Bob Delaney. Former undercover New Jersey state trooper and NBA referee. Bob Delaney talks with Nick Nanton about his incredible careers in two vastly different fields, from infiltrating the Mafia in the 1970s to becoming one of the NBA's most respected referees. In this episode, Bob opens up about his experience with post-traumatic stress and his passion for helping others overcome it.

State News
Quality Journalism for Critical Times U.S. Supreme Court justices spent two hours Wednesday debating whether a federal law about emergency treatment encompasses abortion care even in states with …
Kelcie Moseley-Morris (via Florida Phoenix)
5 hours ago
Quality Journalism for Critical Times Florida Democrats asserted a claim for political relevance Wednesday, one day after President Joe Biden made his first campaign stop in this former swing …
Michael Moline (via Florida Phoenix)
6 hours ago
Quality Journalism for Critical Times WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden signed a bipartisan emergency spending law Wednesday to provide an additional $95 billion in aid for Ukraine, Israel and …
Jennifer Shutt (via Florida Phoenix)
7 hours ago
Quality Journalism for Critical Times On a Saturday morning in April, dozens of participants gathered around small round tables on the second floor of the Mt. Zion Progressive Missionary Baptist …
Mitch Perry (via Florida Phoenix)
8 hours ago
Bonus web content
Las Mascotas y La Gente
A medida que su perro pasa a nuevas etapas de la vida, el entrenamiento es importante para su salud y el bienestar.
Consejos efectivos de un entrenador de perros para el cuidado de mascotas durante todas sus etapas de vida
Por Darris Cooper, CPDT-KA, FFCP (NAPSI)—Las mascotas fueron una fuente de consuelo para muchas personas durante la pandemia; ya sea porque ya tenían una mascota, la habían adoptado recientemente …
10 hours ago
These states have the highest-quality home health agencies, according to patients
Vivian Health visualized data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to identify states with the highest-rated home health agencies.
Andrea Vale, Data Work By Paxtyn Merten
11 hours ago
Cómo puede controlar mejor su asma
¿Sabía que uno de cada trece estadounidenses vive con asma? Si usted o un familiar está entre ellos, ya sabe cómo afecta su vida diaria. Es posible que sufra de tos, …
11 hours ago
How you can take better control of your asthma
(BPT) - Did you know 1 in 13 people in the U.S. live with asthma? If you or a family member have asthma, you already know how it affects your daily life. You may have coughing, wheezing and shortness …
11 hours ago
Celebrating Resilience and Innovation: Lessons from Small Business Owners
(BPT) - By Sarah Acton, Chief Marketing Officer, BILLNational Small Business Week rolls around once a year, but the impact that these businesses have on our livelihoods, families, communities and …