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The Conversation: U.S. weekly news quiz
From the editors at The Conversation, an independent news organization based in Boston that publishes articles written by academic experts and edited by a team of journalists.
Monday, November 21, 2022
The Crossword Puzzle

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Friday, September 23, 2022
Dinners to remember

Broken US-Indigenous treaties: A timeline

Stacker compiled a list of 15 broken U.S.-Indigenous treaties negotiated between 1778 and 1868 using news, archival documents, and historical reports.

Eliza Siegel
Tuesday, November 14

A timeline of the Vietnam War

Using a variety of news and government sources, Stacker compiled a detailed timeline of the Vietnam War.

Elias Sorich
Wednesday, October 25
Making history

7 nurses of color who made history

Incredible Health features seven nurses of color who made history, drawing on information from various sources.
Taneasha White-Gibson
Friday, October 13

10 groundbreaking Filipino Americans in US history

Stacker combed the web and found 10 Filipino Americans who have made significant contributions and accomplishments in U.S. history.
Agnes Constante
Wednesday, October 11
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5 popular retirement activities—and the best cities for each
CheapInsurance.com identified five popular retirement activities and cities with the greatest public access, citing Trust for Public Land data.
Leah Burbach, Data Work By Emma Rubin
3 days ago
10 tech innovations that have improved driving safety since 2000
Westfield compiled a list of 10 tech innovations since 2000 that have helped make cars and roads safer.
Eliza Siegel
Monday, November 20
Which states' residents drive the most per capita?
CheapInsurance.com used data from the Federal Highway Administration and the Census Bureau to find out which state's residents do the most driving per capita.
Martha Sandoval
Monday, November 20
Rosa Parks' historic protest wouldn't have been possible without this unsung hero
Sarah Mae Flemming's legal case provided the foundation to end segregation on buses. Stacker explored her contribution to the Civil Rights Movement.
Sheeka Sanahori
Thursday, November 16
20 photos of reproductive rights protests from the age of Roe up until now
Stacker put together a slideshow of 20 photos highlighting reproductive rights demonstrations from 1970 through today.
Nicole Caldwell
Wednesday, November 15
Common conditions that can affect driver safety
CheapInsurance.com analyzed historical data on traffic fatalities to illustrate conditions contributing to more deaths on the road.
Dom DiFurio
Tuesday, November 14
Stories behind the Trail of Tears for every state it passed through
Stacker compiled a list of stories behind the Trail of Tears for each of the nine states it passed through based on news, tribal histories, and government reports.
Nicole Caldwell
Tuesday, November 14
25 photos that changed the course of history
Stacker put together a collection of 25 photos that changed the course of history.
Jeff Inglis
Monday, November 13
Not just electric: States with the most cars that use more than just gasoline
Using data from the Alternative Fuels Data Center, The General broke down the number of cars across the U.S. powered by gasoline substitutes.  
Emma Rubin, Data Work By Emma Rubin
Tuesday, November 7
How technology plays a role in the increase in human trafficking prosecutions
Spokeo analyzed news reports and data from the Department of Justice to illustrate how tech is used in trafficking.
Dom DiFurio
Monday, November 6
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