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10 celebrities who have broken into the cannabis business

Stacker researched and created this list of 10 celebrities who have found success within the growing cannabis industry thus far.
Cu Fleshman
4 days ago
The most popular US poker players of all time
Clubs Poker compiled a ranking of the most popular U.S. poker players of all time using unique page view data since Jan. 1, 2008, from The Hendon Mob.
Mike Taylor
Monday, April 8
How reality dating TV shows have changed since the 1960s
OLBG hit rewind on reality dating TV shows to discover just how much they've changed over the last six decades, using news reports and studies.
Madison Troyer
Thursday, April 4
The prison soul band that opened for Stevie Wonder
The Marshall Project looks back at when more Americans saw incarcerated people as more than their crimes—and the soul/funk band The Power of Attorney flourished.
Maurice Chammah for The Marshall Project
Wednesday, April 3

20 panned movies that went on to become cult classics

Stacker combed through film history to highlight 20 films that received mixed-to-negative reviews upon release but were eventually reappraised.
Brianna Zigler
Wednesday, April 3

The most important voice on Beyoncé’s new album

Country musician Linda Martell at her home in South Carolina in 2021. Sean Rayford/Getty Images One of the most impressive parts of Beyoncé’s new album, “ Cowboy Carter ,” is her roster of …

William Nash, Middlebury, The Conversation
Tuesday, April 2

Survey reveals Hollywood's 10 most popular celebrities

Way.com uses Statista data to find out which famous celebs are most popular.

Jeannie Assimos
Tuesday, April 2

5 celebrities famous for throwing epic parties

From costume balls to Christmas Eve soirées, Peerspace compiled a list of five epic parties and the celebrities who threw them.

Madison Troyer
Wednesday, March 27

10 celebrities who you may not know are serious poker players

Clubs Poker compiled a list of 10 celebrities you may not know are serious poker players, using data from The Hendon Mob.

Katrina Sirotta
Tuesday, March 26
Entertainment 2023
20 of the most prolific showrunners in TV history
Casino Bonus CA compiled a list of 20 of the most prolific showrunners in TV history, using various sources such as news articles and TV archives.
Abby Monteil
Friday, March 22
When Taylor comes to town: The economic impact of the Eras Tour
Lyft digs into rideshare data to see what the economic impact of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour has been.
Sarah Conlisk
Wednesday, March 6
How much does it cost to win Best Picture? Breaking down the biggest and smallest budgets.
Stacker looked at data from The Numbers on production budgets of Oscar-winning films to see what it costs to win Best Picture at the Academy Awards.
Brianna Zigler, Data Work By Luke Hicks, Data Work By Emma Rubin
Monday, February 26
The best movies of 2024 so far
Stacker ranked the best films of 2024 so far, using data from Metacritic. Keep checking back to see this list grow as the year progresses.
Madison Troyer
Tuesday, February 20
Best Picture losers that won the most Oscars at their ceremony
Using data provided by the Academy Awards, Stacker compiled a list of 25 Best Picture losers that won the most Oscars at their ceremony.
Madison Troyer
Tuesday, February 13

24 of the most anticipated movies coming in 2024

From the "Mean Girls" musical to the "Nosferatu" remake, Casino Bonus CA highlighted 24 films audiences are most looking forward to in 2024.
Sofia Voss
Monday, February 12

Tobacco imagery rising in top entertainment, including among the 2024 Best Picture winner and nominees

(BPT) - To find a smoke-free setting among this year’s Oscar Best Picture nominees, you’d have to go to Barbie Land. Of the 10 films nominated for the Oscars top prize — including …
Monday, March 18

Highest-grossing Best Picture winners of the last 50 years

Stacker compiled a ranking of the highest-grossing Best Picture winners of the last 50 years, using domestic box office gross from The Numbers.

Charlotte Barnett
Thursday, February 8

Best films turning 50 in 2024

Stacker ranked the top 50 films turning 50 years old in 2024, providing a strong overview of the innovative and long-lasting impact of 1974 cinema.

Sofia Voss
Tuesday, February 6

Are the Grammys biased against hip-hop and rap? Here's what the numbers say.

Stacker dove into Grammy nominations, Billboard charts, and Spotify and Last.fm data to quantify the Recording Academy's predisposition to hip-hop.

Rahul Mukherjee
Wednesday, January 31
How the Academy Awards became ‘the biggest international fashion show free-for-all’
The Oscars are no longer just a celebration of movies. They’ve also become a fashion show, with fans, designers and the media celebrating and critiquing Hollywood celebrities as they stroll, pause and pose on the red carpet of the annual awards ceremony. …
Elizabeth Castaldo Lundén, University of Southern California, The Conversation
Wednesday, March 6
From ‘Jaws’ to ‘Schindler’s List,’ John Williams has infused movie scores with adventure and emotion
When Harrison Ford saddles up once again in “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,” he has an invisible partner along for the ride: composer John Williams, who received his 54th Academy Award nomination for scoring the movie. …
Arthur Gottschalk, Rice University, The Conversation
Monday, March 4
How non-English language cinema is reshaping the Oscars landscape
This year, of the 10 films nominated for an Academy Award for best picture, three of them – “Anatomy of a Fall,” “Past Lives” and “The Zone of Interest” – are non-English language films. …
Kerry Hegarty, Miami University, The Conversation
Monday, March 4
With Beyoncé’s foray into country music, the genre is finally breaking free from the stereotypes that have long dogged it
On Super Bowl Sunday, Beyoncé released two country songs – “16 Carriages” and “Texas Hold ‘Em” – that elicited a mix of admiration and indignation. This is not her first foray into the genre, but it is her most successful and controversial entry. …
William Nash, Middlebury, The Conversation
Thursday, February 22
10 first-time Grammy nominees for 2024
Stacker highlighted 10 artists nominated for a Grammy at the 2024 awards ceremony for the first time.
Eliza Siegel
Tuesday, January 30