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Further, Rattlesnake Key and surrounding keys fall within what is part of the Coastal Barrier Resources System. Coastal barriers serve as important buffers between coastal storms and inland areas, often protecting properties on land from serious flood damage. Also, coastal barriers provide a protective habitat for aquatic plants and animals. These areas are mapped by the Dept. of the Interior/Fish & Wildlife Services and approved by Congress. Any change to these maps must be approved by Congress. Federal funding (federally backed or federally insured mortgages) is prohibited for new construction, allowing for federal expenditures for projects such as environmental studies, for example. National flood insurance is not available for new construction in these areas. Areas within the CBRS may be developed, provided that private developers or other non-federal parties bear the full cost and risk.

From: Rattlesnake Key owners put property on the market as state/county purchase deal drags

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