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It's frankly alarming that Rattlesnake Key, a critical ecological and cultural asset, is at risk of being developed due to the stalling tactics of our current county commission. This barrier island, along with its surrounding keys, serves as a vital protective barrier against coastal storms and provides crucial habitat for diverse wildlife. The potential loss of this land to development, whether for residential use or a resort, is not just unfortunate—it's unacceptable.

The Florida Legislature and Manatee County have already set aside significant funds to purchase this land, recognizing its value for future generations as a state park. The stalling over appraisals and funding deadlines is a disservice to all of us who value our natural environment and the long-term resilience of our county. It’s crucial that we raise our voices now to ensure this purchase goes through.

We need to hold our county commissioners accountable and press them to finalize this deal before the earmarked state funding expires. The conservation of Rattlesnake Key is not just about preventing development; it's about actively choosing to invest in our community's future, protecting our land from the increasing threats of climate change, and preserving the natural beauty that defines our region.

It’s time for action. We cannot allow short-sighted delays to compromise our environment and our heritage. Let’s make sure our leaders follow through on their commitments and complete the purchase of Rattlesnake Key. Our community—and future generations—deserve nothing less.

From: Rattlesnake Key owners put property on the market as state/county purchase deal drags

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