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The folks who own this property pull this crap on a regular basis and have lost their case to build more than once. To say it has valuable uplands and is suitable for development is a pipe dream. That said this type of project moving forward is unfortunately acceptable by our current County Commissioners and our illustrious DEP which would permit anything without proper review. The area proposed for development is part of Terra Ceia aquatic preserve. It also supports federally and state listed species including, the sawtooth, manatee, sea turtles, black finned sharks, and other important aquatic life. unfortunately Manatee County recent history has shown no respect for science, wetlands, and mangrove ecosystems or anything in our local natural environments. With the exception of the proposed purchase of this important aquatic preserve. How about the historic and archeological sites that are in the proposed area that is important to Native culture and our maritime history. Let’s talk sustainability as these areas flood quite often. To say the “upland” areas are suitable for building in light of rising sea levels and climate change is ludicrous. It stinks of a PR ploy that the landowners launch every few years to drive up what they think is the appraised value. I don’t know who their appraiser is but that person has been smoking too much weed. The State and County put forward an offer based on good faith and the values that are only mostly known by locals, professionals, and the fish and wildlife supported by this area. The Article published by the Tampa Bay Times was a biased article and the writer should be ashamed of themselves.

From: Rattlesnake Key owners put property on the market as state/county purchase deal drags

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