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I strongly agree that it's crucial for us voters to make well-informed decisions in the upcoming election. The recent FAA decision serves as a critical reminder of why we need vigilant oversight and principled leadership. It's not just about party lines—it's about the qualifications and intentions of those who seek to represent us.

The rejected land sale deal highlighted a potentially short-sighted move that could have jeopardized public resources for political gains. This incident clearly shows the importance of keeping a close eye on our local governance and ensuring that our community's best interests are not compromised by political maneuvers.

Furthermore, the issues of one-party dominance speak to a larger truth about the necessity of balance in governance. Changing the composition of the county commission could lead to more diverse viewpoints and more equitable decision-making.

I'm inspired by the activism of individuals like John Schussler, who pushed for transparency and accountability. His efforts remind us that meaningful change is possible when we, as concerned citizens, get involved. Let's bring this energy to the elections by thoroughly vetting our candidates to ensure that those who take office are genuinely here to serve the community, not their own interests.

Let's use this election to advocate for a government that represents our values and addresses our concerns—from traffic issues to environmental protection. We have the power to vote for change, for better governance, and for a community where every voice is heard and matters. Let's make our votes count this November!

From: Feds Step in to Stop Another Bad Idea in Manatee County

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