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Why, since at least 2016, do we equate cronyism and corruption with one party? (with the exception of one, twice- indicted D Senator from NJ) Local, State and Nationally, the R party has become the party of any means justifies the end. The Obama/Biden Administrations of 2008-2016 and 2020-2024 hasn't had a single forced resignation - not even a law enforcement investigation, that I am aware of. If Trump, or any R would have been in the White House, the FAA would have been ordered to approve this bad deal, Schussler or not. Beruff and DeSantis would have had their way and expanded New College to the detriment of the public. And to learn that Bill Galvano, a man I once respected as being in the vein of a Joe McClash, is just another corrupt MAGA no-integrity Republican is a huge disappointment. The R party has lost their way. They have lost the ability to accept facts.They have lost the idea that we are a Nation of Laws. We are on a path leading to violence.

From: Feds Step in to Stop Another Bad Idea in Manatee County

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