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This property lies within the Coastal Barrier Resources System. What this means that any expenditure to develop and insure is on the private sector. they cannot have a mortgage that is federally funded or federally insured. And National flood insurance is unavailable for new construction. That includes any buyer of the residential or commercial properties. Cannot deny development but all money expended must be private. Doesn't matter what uplands it has. To change this designation they need to apply to the Dept. of Interior/Fish and Wildlife Services. This must be approved by Congress. This is not a revision of flood maps approved by FEMA. Takes several years with no guarantee. Development cannot be denied but all expenditure lies with the developer and any person willing to pay cash and try for private funding and private insurance. If there is a major storm (even with uplands there may be damage) the owner would be on their own with no aid from the federal government. Manatee County properties were incorporated in these maps back in 1990.

From: Do you think the state and county should move to purchase Rattlesnake Key for park space before it is sold for development?

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