Republicans Dominate Turnout in Both Manatee and State Numbers

Staff Report
BRADENTON — Florida proved an outlier state for the Republican Party on Tuesday. While GOP candidates—particularly those with far-right platforms—underperformed to expectations nationally, Florida Republicans turned out at much higher rates than Democrats, allowing the GOP to dominate the state.

In Manatee County, the overall turnout was 62 percent. Turnout for registered Republicans, however, was a whopping 72 percent. Meanwhile, Democratic turnout was only 59 percent, while NPA and third-party voters turned out at just 47 percent.

Statewide, Republicans turned out at 64 percent, while Democrats turned out at just 50 percent. Republicans now hold a majority of registered voters in Florida for the first time ever, having surpassed Democratic registration by more than 300,000. As recently as 2008, Democrats enjoyed a 700,000 voter advantage.

Reader Comments
Allyn Gray
NOV 14, 2022  •  I am so grateful to be a Republican. I voted twice for Obama and now we have O'Biden who can do nothing but lie. I started paying attention - this is a tip to you Democrats.
NOV 13, 2022  •  Well RD Davis do you really think they could really steel that many votes to change the outcome of an election that is all B.S. and sounds like you fell for it. Typical Republican B.S..
RD Davis
NOV 13, 2022  •  Florida polls showed the same thing that polls all over the nation showed, but in Florida, cheating aint allowed. Florida is the model that we must take on.