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Anderson Survives Carnage to Win at Desoto


MANATEE COUNTY -- Bradenton's Danny Anderson survived a late scare to take Saturday night's crash-marred 50-lap main event for the Joey Coulter Florida Pro Truck Series at Desoto Speedway.

Outside polesitter Brent Huber took the lead on the start and paced the first 10 laps of the race with Bradenton's Tyler Lau and Cody McDuffie right on his tail. Lau pulled ahead for the lead on lap 11 just before the caution flew for debris on the track.

Lau lost the lead to McDuffie on a lap 17 restart. McDuffie, Lau, Anderson and Chad Chastain were pacing the field when Scott Hogan spun going into the third turn and collected series points leader Becca Monopoli on lap 20. Both trucks were able to continue despite heavy damage.

Anderson grabbed the lead on a lap 23 restart and was gradually pulling away from McDuffie and Steve Daravalics until the caution flew again for a spin involving Troy McNabb and Hogan.

One lap after the ensuing restart, McDuffie got loose going through turn two and collected Daravalics, Chastain and Dylan Martin, who made hard contact with the outside wall on lap 33. Everyone involved was able to continue after repairs.

Anderson looked to be cruising to an easy win until the caution flew for Lau's flat tire with five laps to go. Immediately after taking the caution Lau made accidental contact with Anderson, but Anderson was able to continue with minor damage.

Anderson would keep the lead on the final restart and go on to hist first win of the year at Desoto Speedway. Huber finished second, with Monopoli rallying back to finish third. Rick Palmer and Daravalics rounded out the top five.


In other action Saturday night, Kyle Best took the lead from his uncle Jimmie Best about halfway through the 25-lap LKQ Pick Your Parts Autoparts Pure Stock feature and went on to his first career win in that division; Jordan Miller won the Rookie 4 feature; John Sappraicone Jr. took the win in the Modified Mini feature; Ander Jackson won the Sun Belt Rentals of Fort Myers Street Stock main event; and Carl Thompson held off Brandon Duchscherer to win the 20-lap Bomber feature. Randy Johnson of Bradenton won the Mini Stock feature while Richard Nelson of Port Charlotte took home the win in the Cowboy Cadillacs.

The J.D. Byrider Open Wheel Modifieds highlight next week's racing action at Desoto Speedway. The Take Aim Gun Range Sportsmen, Pro Trucks, Pure Stocks, Mini Stocks and Rookie 4's will also be in action.

Make your plans for next Saturday night, August 2nd.
(General Admission) $5.00 Ladies night, $13.00 Adults,
$11.00 Seniors. Share this, come out for a full night of action packed racing!!!

Pro Trucks
1. 50 Danny Anderson Bradenton
2. 64 Bret Huber Venice
3. 59x Becca Monopoli Lakeland
4. 78 Rick Palmer Old Myakka
5. 41 Steve Darvalics Venice Fast Time
6. 25 Cody McDuffie Lakeland...
7. 28 Corey Bigley Naples
8. 42 Troy McNabb Naples
9. 12 Scott Hogan Naples
10. 7 Dylan Martin Lakeland
11. 7M Cody Martell Arcadia
12. 36 Chad Chastain Alva
13. 37 Michael Goodard Naples
14. 1 Tyler Lav Bradenton
15. 1B Billy Carlbert Palmetto
16. 5 Jeremy Daring Alva
17. 31 Rodney Haddock Hilliard
18. 8 Sean Lamaster Naples
19. 9 Tommy Caveney Mulberry
20. 75 Matt Morr Tennisee D.N.S.

 Street Stock
1. 91 Ander Jackson Punta Gorda
2. 6 James Nanny Bradenton
3. 86 Johnny Sapricone Bradenton
4. 80 Richard Nelson Port Charlotte
5. 7 Blaine Baer Port Charlotte
6. 51 William Bohrer Myakka
7. 64 Dave Bowman Bradenton
8. 69 Keith Neff Bradenton
9. 77 James Dellea 3rd. Port Charlotte
10. 94 Rodney Tower Ruskin
11. 42 Dennis Wilson Bradenton
12. 1 Logan Leonard Cape Coral
13. 11 Billy Carlbert Palmetto
14. 57 Jim Brenner Sarasota

 Pure Stock
1. 63 Kyle Best Parrish
2. 46 Dennis Wilson Bradenton
3. 80x Chad Cummings Palmetto
4. 8 Shane Leonard Cape Coral
5. 1 Cody Benoit Lehigh
6. 11 Billy Carlbert Palmetto
7. 40w J.R. Weldon Sarasota
8. 67 Jimmy Best Sarasota
9. 25 Roy Healey Winter Haven
10. 30 Jacob Berkevich Mulberry
11. 26 Brian Hillyer North Port
12. 94 Rodney Tower Ruskin
13. 2 Ronnie Retherford N. Ft. Myers
14. 57 Aaron Holmes Auburndale
15. 3 Duane Best Parrish
16. 24 Jeff Pacheco Port Charlotte
17. 15 Clint Snyder North Port
18. 97 Chris Scott Nokomis

 Modified Mini
1. 32 Johnny Sapricone Bradenton
2. 45 Mike Kerrivan Myakka
3. 93 Jeff Firestine Venice
4. 68 Logan Allen Lehigh
5. 81 Travis Kirby Myakka City
6. 6 Dave Davis Bradenton D.N.S.

 Mini Stock
1. 73 Randy Johnson Bradenton
2. 91 Jessica Ostrovskis St. Pete
3. 05 Ronnie Robinson Bradenton
4. 3 Sherry Best Myakka
5. 11 Justin Amspaugh Bradenton
6. 28 Kelley Hahn Mulberry
7. 1 Richard Kingsbury Lake Butler
8. 5Y Aaron Yahnke Bradenton
9. 99 Johnny Marra Port Charlotte
10. 77 Laura Mammima Bradenton
11. 7 Kenny Gibson Venice D.N.S.

1. 75 Carl Thompson Auburndale
2. 23 Brandon Duchscherer Auburndale
3. 25 Roy Healey Winter Haven
4. 57 Aaron Holmes Aburndale
5. 10 Tristan Collins North Port
6. 43 Mark Petty Venice
7. 22 AnnMarie Ricardi Naples
8. 21 Josh Hall Polk City
9. 39 Jerry Tetting Nokomis
10. 24 Jeff Pacecho Port Charlotte
11. 01 Tracy Maynard Waumwa
12. 15 Clint Snyder North Port DNS

Cowboy Cadillac’s
1. 80 Richard Nelson Port Charlotte
2. 63 James Wright Naples
3. 6 Kris Bridges Venice
4. 72 Daniel Swiller Englewood
5. 2 Lance Sober Punta Gorda D.Q.

Rookie 4
1. 11 Jordan Miller Bradenton
2. 42 Dustin Wilson Bradenton
3. 1 Dodge Carlbert Palmetto
4. 67 Jimmy Best Sarasota
5. 7 Kristen Milthaler North Port D.N.S.


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