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Aranibar Accompanies Scott on Paris Economic Development Trip


BRADENTON -- Manatee County School Board Vice-Chair Julie Aranibar is accompanying Florida Governor Rick Scott on an economic development mission to France on June 16-21, 2013, for the 50th Annual Paris Air Show. The purpose of the trip is to give Gov. Scott and his nearly 100-person delegation of aviation, aerospace, defense, educational and economic leaders a chance to meet with representatives of approximately 40 leading aerospace and aviation companies face-to-face.

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Vice-Chair Aranibar is the only school board member to travel with Gov. Scott on this trip and her goal is to learn as much as possible about business development plans for science and technology for Florida. Gov. Scott has made business development, job opportunities and dedication to education a high priority.

The Vice Chair is traveling with Governor Scott at her own expense.

“Under the leadership of our new superintendent, each Board Member is being asked to join a single vision for our school district,” Vice-Chair Aranibar said. “Preparing students with the courses and options required to compete for the jobs of the future encompasses the academic preparation of preschool children to our adult graduates who cross our stage each year. Our district plans to bring Manatee County back to the top state ranking with the support of administration as partners with our classroom teachers with the goal of making Manatee County the place to work and raise a family as well as retire and enjoy all that Manatee County has to offer."

Julie Aranibar is the first in her family to graduate high school and go on to college. Her path from vocational training to community college and then a part-time working student to bachelor’s degree is one that many youth today are also encountering.

“Having to work and pay for my education gave me the opportunity to know the value of that education from the dollars paid each semester to the workplace where I qualified for more advanced specialties and professional advancements,” Vice-Chair Aranibar said. “Having worked as the Director of Dermatopathology at Yale University as well as a Molecular Research Assistant at the University of Connecticut would not have been possible without the support of teachers along the path who mentored and tutored me.

“I can never repay what I received but do look forward to making a difference in Manatee County. I’m grateful to be part of a transition team taking Manatee County in the right direction and working collaboratively and professionally with a team of educators and administrators. My personal investment in traveling and experiencing what our State Governor is doing for us will prepare me for the task of our School Board, Superintendent and Leadership Team.”


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