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BOCC Receives Draft of FDOT Tentative Work Program


BRADENTON -- At Tuesday's BOCC meeting, Manatee County Transportation Division Manager Clarke Davis delivered the first draft of the Florida Department of Transportation Tentative Work Program for Fiscal Years 2015-2019. County Commissioners responded with their priorities.

Before commissioners approved the FDOT list of detailed projects Davis delivered, board members asked Michael Howe, MPO Executive Director who was also in the chambers, about requesting priorities.

After being approved by the commission, the draft will go to the MPO on Dec. 10, before then going back to FDOT. Commissioners were adamant about having the MPO translate to FDOT that the I-75 and University Parkway project needs to become a "top-priority."

Howe suggested the commissioners formally request "that they ask both boards to consider their circumstances."

Manatee and Sarasota County have a lot riding on the intersection at I-75 and University Parkway. It is ground zero for the 2017 International Rowing Championships, and it's also scheduled for a complete redesign and rebuild.

The rare FDOT project design (only a few in the country) could easily take a couple of years to complete, once began. Commissioners fear that if there were any delays, the busiest intersection in Manatee County could be messily in location of the international event.

Commissioners also emphasized special attention be placed on placing a sign on either I-75 or I-275, notifying travelers that Port Manatee was at that exit. 

Motions were made to send letters to the MPO and FDOT on both requests. Both motions passed unanimously. 

Davis breezed through over 50 FDOT-funded projects scheduled in the next five years. Here is his report - see what's scheduled for your district. 


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