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BOCC Special Land Use Meeting Agenda Results: 2/27/2014


BRADENTON -- At Thursday's special meeting for the renewal of three phosphate mine operational permits, commissioners pleaded helpless to any changes those opposing the request had hoped for, but made no apologies for the 7 to 0 vote of approval they granted each mine. Once more, it seems Mosaic is permitted, while citizens are patronized.

Shortly before the mining meeting started, County Attorney Micky Palmer presented a letter to commissioners that asked for their permission (the commission as a whole) to represent the members in a investigation into the Sanctuary animal cruelty case the Manatee County Sheriff's Office is pursuing. Manatee County Commissioners are certain to be asked questions and to give testimony. --  Approved, Unanimous    

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER (Larry Bustle, Chairman)

INVOCATION (The commission does not endorse the religious beliefs of any speaker.)

1. Invocation led by Pastor Mark Weir, Community Church of God



Parks and Natural Resources

2. Phosphate Mining Permitting Overview

Attachment: Operating Permit Summary.pdf  -- 


Parks and Natural Resources

3. R-14-002 Operating Permit for Four Corners Mine Southeast Tract * Clague

Attachment: StaffReportOP-R-14-002_FINAL.pdf

Attachment: Res. 13-187-CAO comments.pdf

Attachment: advertisement.pdf

Attachment: R-14-002_final.pdf -- Approved,  Unanimous

4. R-14-003 Operating Permit for Four Corners Mine * Clague

Attachment: StaffReportOP-R-14-003FINAL.pdf

Attachment: R-14-003 CAOcomments.pdf

Attachment: advertisement.pdf

Attachment: R-14-003_final.pdf -- Approved -- Unanimous

5. R-14-004 Operating Permit for Altman Tract - Parcel #4 * Clague

Attachment: Staff Report R-14-004 BCC.pdf

Attachment: Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC - CAO Comments.pdf

Attachment: Advertisement.pdf

Attachment: R-14-004_final.pdf -- Approved, Unanimous


6. Citizen Comments --

- Sandy Ripberger cited a study, and article by Craig Pittman, both referencing the inability of a reclaimed wetland to return to normal functions. Ripberger conveyed the struggles one property owner experienced, forced to sell half of their herd after all of the springs dried-up, while choking in toxic fugitive dust. Ripberger also mentioned Mosaic's groundwater use of 70 million gallons each day, and that there were 97 reports to SWFWMD for low water levels.

- Barbara Hines mentioned the depleted oxygen ponds, and loss of wetlands left in Mosaic's wake and reminded the commission that these were the headwaters to the Peace River, providing drinking water for those south. Hines said we need to concentrate on saving our water.

- Larry Grossman brought up the subject of fugitive dust and how it needs to be monitored and tested. Grossman also asked if the EPA test the mines' dust for toxicity.

More of citizens comments and expanded story to follow.  


7. Commissioner Comments -- No Commissioner comments.



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