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Bradenton Police Department Officer of the Month


BRADENTON -- Officer Adam Wollard has been selected to receive the Bradenton Police Department's Officer of the Month award for February 2013. Officer Wollard was nominated by Lts. William Fowler and James Racky and Sgts. James Kaul and William Weldon for following actions.

During the investigation of a homicide, Officer Wollard was able to identify two of the three subjects involved simply by looking at a store video. This is a credit to Officer Wollard, who is constantly working calls and getting out with subjects/suspects. He is known to take a proactive role in the department's Juvenile Probation curfew checks which helped him with this ID. Two of the three suspects are known to the department.

While standing outside the crime scene a subject got Officer Wollard's attention; Officer Wollard knows this individual through his daily proactive patrol efforts. This subject gave Officer Wollard the name of a third possible suspect which resulted in a full confession to murder and implicating the other two subjects that Officer Wollard already identified.

Capt. Warren Merriman, the department's spokesman, said, "I believe that due to Officer Wollard's work ethic and knowing the people that live in his zone assignment led to the identification from the video and the fact that another person felt comfortable enough to tell Officer Wollard about the third suspect who was a family member."


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