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Bradenton Police Department Recognizes Outstanding Employees

clientuploads/Law enforcement/Officer_Jay_Gow.JPG
Dep. Chief Warren Merriman and Officer Jay Gow
clientuploads/Law enforcement/Kristi_Kelly.JPG
Tele-Communicator Kristi Kelly and Dep. Chief Warren Merriman

BRADENTON – The Bradenton Police Department is honoring Patrol Officer Jay Gow as its Officer of the Month for July 2013 and Tele-Communicator Kristi Kelly as the Civilian Employee of the 2nd Quarter for 2013. Gow compiled 35 arrests during May, while Kelly took a call regarding a kidnapping, gathering vital information that led to the victim's rescue. 

Officer Gow compiled not only 35 arrests, but 51 written reports and completed four traffic investigations during the month of May. He was nominated by Sgt. Shane Shehorn 

“Officer Jay Gow is an experienced officer, who is a consistent and proven performer,” Sgt. Shehorn wrote. “Officer Gow is constantly challenging himself and others to reduce crime within District 2/Zone 4. Officer Gow takes the initiative to meet with Detectives on a routine basis, and also the department’s Crime Analyst in order to determine any crime trends that may be occurring in his assigned zone.”

Communications Center Supervisor Cindy Dudar nominated Tele-Communicator Kristi Kelly for the Civilian Award.

On 12:30 p.m. on June 8, a telephone call was received in the Bradenton Police Department’s Communications Center from a caller in South Carolina who stated that her friend had been kidnapped and was being held against her will at an unknown location in Bradenton.

After the call, Tele-Communicator Kelly telephoned the complainant back and remained on the phone with her for 18 minutes and gathered as much information as possible. She was able to determine the suspect’s name by utilizing the resources available, and shortly thereafter, sent police to the suspect’s residence where the victim was found.

If it had not been for Tele-Communicator Kelly’s patience and experience in handling highly stressful calls, the victim would have likely endured further abuse and an uncertain fate.


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