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Bradenton SWAT team seeking donations


BRADENTON - The city's SWAT team says it needs the community's help if it's going to attend a November competition in Orlando.


Send donations to:

Bradenton Police Department

Attn: Sgt. James Racky

100 10th St. W.

Bradenton, FL 34205

The annual SWAT Round-Up International Competition/Training from Nov. 29 to Dec. 4 is expected to attract 80 teams and special operations units from around the world this year, but the financial crisis means the Bradenton team may have to stay home, according to a press release from city public information officer Tim McCann.

The city's Police Department wants to send eight members to the competition, but the financial situation means the department can't cover the costs. The team hopes to raise about $5,800, of which $3,000 is for lodging and transportation, $2,000 is for food and the team registration fee is $800.

The SWAT team has competed every year since 2001, and its top finish was 18th place in 2004.

Police Chief Michael Radzilowski has approved the time for the team to compete if they can raise the money to cover the cost.

The competition combines the latest education and training for SWAT Teams and competition in expertise.

According to its Web site, the events are:

  • Hostage rescue, with a five-man team.

  • Pritcher scramble, in which a team must work together to traverse obstacles and arrive at shooting positions.

  • Officer rescue, in which a team must cross a canal filled with water, engage multiple targets with multiple weapons and rescue a downed officer in a simulated chemical environment.

  • Tower scramble, in which a five-man team must climb a tower and rappel down the designated side.

  • Obstacle course, in which the team must overcome 16 challenging obstacles through teamwork and fortitude.

Optional individual events are:

  • FSA Individual Firearms Challenge

  • Super SWAT Cop

  • Super Sniper

  • Personal Fitness Challenge

  • Team Fitness Challenge


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