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Buchanan to Host Fundraising Dinner for Speaker Johnson

Tickets for the event at the Congressman's Longboat Key mansion will set you back $25,000


LONGBOAT KEY – U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-Longboat Key) will host a fundraiser for newly seated Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) later this month. Tickets for the dinner cost a whopping $25,000. Guests can skip the dinner and attend just the reception for as little as $1,000. If they want a picture, however, they'll need to pony up $10,000.

Johnson emerged as the unlikely victor after Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz threw the House into chaos by leading a move to oust former Speaker Kevin McCarthy and January 6 supporter Jim Jordan was unable to gather enough votes to gain the position. Buchanan twice declined to support Jordan.

Johnson was a relative unknown before emerging as a Speaker candidate. However, his extreme positions on a host of subjects have dominated coverage since, including past statements about homosexuality, gun safety, and 2020 election conspiracies. He also appears to be a climate change denier who does not believe in evolution.

When asked about his worldview, Johnson referred Fox News' Sean Hannity to the bible. The Speaker has also been criticized for his disagreement with the separation between church and state, including his support for overturning the Johnson Amendment, which prevents churches from engaging in any political campaign activity if they want to keep their tax-exempt status.

Robert Jones, the president and founder of the Public Religion Research Institute, has said of the Speaker that "while Johnson is more polished than other right-wing leaders of the GOP who support this worldview, his record, and previous public statements indicate that he's a near textbook example of white Christian nationalism—the belief that God intended America to be a new promised land for European Christians."

There's also the weird matter of his financial disclosure forms.  As multiple outlets reported this week, Johnson is either 1. Broke; 2. Doesn't have a bank account; 3: is hiding his money; or 4. Is failing to properly disclose it.

Buchanan's team said that the event would be the first significant fundraiser since Johnson was sworn in as the 56th speaker of the House. Buchanan is one of the more prolific fundraisers in Congress, having individually raised more than $4 million for the NRCC in the last election cycle alone. According to Buchanan's staff, former speaker McCarthy visited Buchanan's home twice in 2022, pulling in almost $2 million in support of congressional Republicans.

"We look forward to welcoming the new speaker to Southwest Florida as we work to expand the Republican majority in 2024," said Buchanan in a press release.

Buchanan announced this week that the U.S. House unanimously passed two of his amendments to the Interior and Environment government funding bill. The first would dedicate $1.15 million to provide more funding for the rescue and rehabilitation of manatees. The second proposal would provide $2.5 million to the National Water Quality Program to bolster research into harmful algal blooms, including red tide.

TBT is still awaiting a request for comment from Congressman Buchanan regarding local Republicans' successful effort to gut wetland protection policies. Our publication requested comment on Aug. 24 and has yet to receive a response on the matter.


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  • kmskepton

    $10K for your picture with Vern Buchanan?!?! LOL. You know what PT Barnum said ...

    Sunday, November 5, 2023 Report this

  • jimandlope

    My first question would need to be, “why does Johnson need a fundraiser?” Is he broke? Why won’t God provide for him?

    Additionally, “Vern,” has a ton of money can’t he help him out with whatever financial crisis he’s undergoing?

    And yes Vern what about his view of the water crisis we in Florida worry about? You submitted bills to help this water management yet you are fundraising for Johnson? You’re a bigger buffoon than Johnson .

    James F Tierney

    Sunday, November 5, 2023 Report this

  • andreart

    If I am not mistaken, monies raised is for the Republican Party and PAC.

    Sunday, November 5, 2023 Report this