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Commissioners Resolve Differences by Changing Hats


BRADENTON -- At the regular BOCC session Tuesday, during "commissioner comments," a question of proper procedure arose when commissioners spoke to why some didn't respond to an email that had been passed around by Commissioner Larry Bustle. It contained information about the procedure commissioners were presently engaged in to appoint a new Manatee County Port Authority Director. 

Commissioner Bustle received information of a possible contender for the job who had failed to get his resume in before the August 15, deadline. The individual was in Costa Rica, but is well qualified for the job and Commissioner Bustle thought, "It would be terrible if we excluded him from competing because of some self-made rules." He added, "He could be just what we are looking for."

Port Authority Chair Larry Bustle

Commissioner Donna Hayes said, "It is a liability issue. What if others who didn't apply because they couldn't make the deadline found out?" 

Joe McClash asked, "Can we expect Alliance Resources to accept another contender at this late date?" adding, "There might be additional cost and Alliance is already doing the background checks on those we selected."

Bustle then stated, "Let's not lose sight of the objective for some self-imposed cut-off."

Commissioner John Chappie suggested that this business shouldn't be going on in these chambers, but rather in the Port Authority chambers.

County Administrator Ed Hunzker interrupted at that point, and stated that the commission would need to adjourn, and then open up a Port Authority session. He then recommended against that, at this time, because the Port Authority attorney wasn't present. 

But to resolve the issue in a patrician manner, commissioners did adjourn and reconvene as the Port Authority Commission, of which Commissioner Bustle is the Chair, and preceded to hash out their disagreements.

In a real quagmire, they all scuffled with what if he's the one - what about the others - we'll need the attorney to weigh in on this - he fits the bill - how about the B list?

Commissioner McClash put forth a motion to carry the discussion over to the next port meeting with a consideration of the mystery applicant, possibly on the B list.

Commissioner Hayes amended the motion, adding the caveat of inspection and approval from the port authority attorney before total acceptance as a candidate. Motion and amendment were approved, unanimously. 


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